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  1. Make sure that the trans drain bolt screen is clean, the one next to the engine oil drain bolt. Mine was doing the same thing, oil flowing out of the vent tube at an alarming rate. Turned out the screen was completely clogged with clutch material and this is what was causing the problem. I went through all of the same fixes that you tried: crank seal, oil pump o-ring, etc. It was this simple oversight that was the source of my grief.
  2. DirtySF

    KTM 400xcw or 300xcw

    I agree with Mauricio, I've had a few 450's,a 300, an 07 400 and now an 09 400. The 400's engine is perfect in real world riding situations, more than enough, but not too much. Rear tire choice isn't even important; all hook up. The 400 gets traction everywhere.
  3. DirtySF

    Improving the ethos on my 400 XCW

    Enduro Engineering makes bar risers. You can get them in 5,10 or 15mm rise. I run the 15mm, but I'm just a little taller than you at 6'1".
  4. DirtySF

    Good Price 400 xcw?

    Seems like about as low as your going to get it for here.. Who's giving you that price? They fixed the cam tensioner chain problem on the 10s' and the steering head sits 10mm lower which lowered the seat height and the tank giving it a lower center of gravity.
  5. DirtySF

    just got '07 250sx - How bad is this - pics.

    It's not leaking, Isn't that KTM's automatic chain oiler that has been standard issue for many years now? Sorry, I couldn't resist. Fix it, it's easy, and be done with it.
  6. DirtySF

    2011 250XC: Got it! Still the best motorcycle ever?

    I've always believed faster bikes make slower riders even slower... The weight of the WR makes things even worse. I assure you that you will be faster on the 250 4T than the 450, especially on tight, slippery trails.
  7. DirtySF

    250 xcf no spark! help!

    Make sure that your plug wire is connected in the boot. Change the spark plug boot while your at it. I had a similar bog/sputter problem and it turned out it was the boot. They're only like 4 bucks, so it's worth changing.
  8. DirtySF

    Conditions at Cow?

    Anybody ride Cow today? How were the conditions?
  9. DirtySF

    Saw Mill Enduro 4/5 Cow MT

    A lot of Cow is dry and rocky, especially Red Mountain. But many of the trails on the north side are under tree cover and wouldn't be what I would consider "rocky".
  10. DirtySF

    2007 yz250f

    Sounds like sour grapes to me... I think that most of us can distiguish the differences between a new and "refurbished" bike. So, please try to refrain from insulting our intelligence.
  11. DirtySF

    Cycra probend composite handguards fit problem

    I've never bought a pair of handguards that didn't require a little tweaking for correct fitment. The guards are universal; only the clamps are specific for the type of bars you have.
  12. DirtySF

    2007 yz250f

    You pay what the advertisement says; No bs, no haggling, no additional charges.
  13. DirtySF

    2007 yz250f

    I just bought an 08 yz250f for 4899.00 out the door on Friday. I bought it from Out The Door cycles in Burlingame, Ca. They didn't throw anything in, but at that price I didn't care.
  14. DirtySF

    Anyone prefer RFS 520/525 to newer bikes

    The 08 bike is much better handling and feels much lighter too, but as others have said, the reliability trade off isn't worth it to me.
  15. DirtySF

    400 EXC Owners/ How is it?

    Imo easily the best of all the RFS bikes. Feels and handles a lot lighter than the 450 or 525. Get it sprung for your weight and make sure the jetting is sorted. The power is creamy smooth for woods riding and it doesn't give up much to the 450 on the double track/ fire road stuff. The most cost effective mod is the lighter FWW from trailtech. Revs faster and makes the bike act even lighter. I experienced no increase in stalling or flameouts after this mod.