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  1. jufberg

    KTM 50mm Lowering Kit

    Does not change geometry as far as I know. That’s what I was told
  2. jufberg

    KTM 50mm Lowering Kit

    I have it on 300 tpi love it
  3. Anybody have experience with the add-a-bike carriers and which one
  4. jufberg

    The KTM 300 Club

    I have usaa/progressive also. Definitely need the accessory rider it does have limit though. Love USAA never had a problem. Did t have to deal with the progressive side yet/ thankfully. That really stinks what happened to you. Enjoy building the new bike.
  5. jufberg

    Taylor Park SOLD!

    They could double up and cross utilize depending on season
  6. jufberg

    Taylor Park SOLD!

    That would be really sad
  7. jufberg

    2019 300 tpi

    Thank you
  8. jufberg

    2019 300 tpi

    Does adding the turbine core change anything for the tpi? What’s the difference between the turbine core 2.1 and q?
  9. jufberg

    Trailriding Maine

    That looks absolutely incredible! How do I take part next year?
  10. jufberg

    2019 300 tpi

    I would like to make bike forest “legal” as in add a spark arrester. Should I just get end cap or is there a silencer/muffler that improves (or keeps) performance. I’m looking more on low to mid range. Ride mostly tight technical single track. Thank you for any input I pick the bike up in a few weeks and would like to add to mods before I bring home, if necessary.
  11. jufberg

    Gearing - 13/50 vs 13/52

    Very jealous
  12. jufberg

    Gearing - 13/50 vs 13/52

    Wish I was in either
  13. jufberg

    Gearing - 13/50 vs 13/52

    I agree, but I do like being a gear high in the woods and geared the way I have it 3rd is good for a nice flow. May feel different on 2 stroke
  14. jufberg

    Gearing - 13/50 vs 13/52

    I’m at 13/52 on a 2012 350 excf and love it, don’t really need higher for where I ride. Picking up 300 tpi in a few days have that changing rear to 52 stock is 13 upfront. Will let you know how I like it