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  1. WERNER1


    I run a Yoshi set up on my 08 450 and it performs and sounds amazing - ... not too loud, and a really REALLY nice deeper tone note - LOVE IT ... Not going to drop that kind of coin on our 230 though So most are saying that you get decent gains by swaping the header pipe out... even while still using the stock uncorked muffler (?) - I actually like the sound of our Uncorked 230 that has a pumper carb & ProCom CDI and what not done to it... So is it easily possible to by one of those cheap 100 dollar exhaust systems that includes a header and hook it to the stock muffler? ... seems like that would be a pretty cost effective way to get some small gains and retain decent "Tone" .. ?? Or better yet, why aren't we mentioning these cheap Chinese exhaust systems for the 230 (We're using their carbs ) ...
  2. WERNER1

    Squish on the Athena kit.

    Thanks for this post! This is the info I need to hear/read! ... I'm probably going the exact same route...
  3. WERNER1

    Squish on the Athena kit.

    We started derailing another thread talking about squish so I decided to do a search (Imagine that haha!) and this thread is the most directly related to my own personal goals with our 230. I will be installing the Athena kit sometime in the near'ish future and I'm just trying to make sure I'm understanding things correctly in terms of which gasket(s) to use (Thicknesses) as well as Cam timing/degreeing (?) Looks like optimal "Squish" is .038 but also requires degreeing in of the cam (Are the cam gears slotted or what is needed to shift the cam gear?) Foytix - did you ever get yours all together and up and running with the ST 2.0 cam? curious as to how you like that cam (?) I know mixxer has a good thread going about squish, and I'll go back and read through that ... ... but I'm more of a "Just tell me exactly what I need and I'll get it kind of guy" Thanks, Rick
  4. WERNER1

    AHL Cylinder and Piston Kit

    Break the squish down in layman's terms .... and how we get to "Close" by just doing this or that....? ..
  5. WERNER1

    Headlight on 250F

  6. WERNER1

    Headlight on 250F

    No offense, but I had the Polisport one on my CRF450... that thing SUCKED!... I think it was around 100 bucks with that H4 bulb and was just pathetic ... I switched to a 20 dollar LED Bar light and MAN WHAT A DIFFERENCE! ... I put one on my sons 230 with the stock stator and it did perfect.
  7. Thats exactly what I was wanting to do,... and I have a couple of "Spare" Chinese carbs to test it out on,.. do you have any pics and what tubing did you use? I bought some 3/16" and 1/4" "Ni-cop" brake line to try... I thought I could JB weld it into place (?)
  8. If you use the Carb Cable Bracket off of the OEM carb, the cables will go right on correctly... the bracket on the Chinese one is not laid out correctly..
  9. I've been limited to what I can do since I had surgery on my neck,... but I did manage to pull the 78 PD carb off of the 230 YET AGAIN ... uhhhg.. I thought I had it whooped...but now either the AP Diaphragm is torn or the Squirt Jet is clogged,... no squirty,... can't hardly start it,... super boggy ... Chinese Pumper is going back in which by the way has been working flawlessly for the most part - Still have an ever so slight leak either around the bowl or somewhere.. .. but yeah, one twist of the throttle and she fires right up,.. no bogging or de-cell popping what so ever... and she pulls pretty strong through out.... especially in the mid-range which is weird No choke assembly on either the Chinese or the 78 PD by the way.
  10. This one shows it will fit my 78 PD pumper carb,.. I haven't ordered it yet though,.. probably will. There was another company that still offeres them, but you have to confirm your rod/shaft length... I don't remember who that was off the top of my head though... ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/HONDA-CRF230F-XL250-XR250R-XR350R-XR600R-CB1100-CARBURETOR-ACCEL-PUMP-DIAPHRAGM/291732028624?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
  11. Got home around dusk last night and decided I'd better take the 230 for a spin just to make sure she was all dialed in... I had a bit of a hard time getting it started... pumping/twisting the throttle didn't appear to be giving her any fuel... finally get it fired up and let it warm up... Eh,... didn't feel as peppy as the Chinese pumper set up.... LOTS of decel popping,.. and a pretty good "Bog" when trying to fast twist the trottle.. both under a load and just sitting in neutral at idle. I need to pull it off yet again to see what the _________ is going on with this thing.. AP was working fine before, now it seems non-existant
  12. I finally got around to doing the "Final" assembly on the 78 PD pumper carb last night... All new OEM parts, Float, Float Needle, a complete OEM O-Ring/Gasket kit... jets... blah blah.. No leaks, and she fires up and idles really nice and Rev's up good with no Decel "Pop" or anything.... It was late out and my LED head light died so I didn't actually get a test rid in,.. but I'm going to do that tonight when I get home from work! Specs: Pilot Jet: #45 (Press in) Main Jet: #20 Needle: 78 OEM - Only one "Clip" spot on it (I keep reading where you guys are saying 3rd clip from the Top or what ever.. what needle are we talking about the 230 OEM one or something? Like, you're using it in the older PD carb/slide assembly?)
  13. Well I checked my Chinese and 79 PD carb last night and both of them at the opening were over 30mm (I don't have the ability to measure down closer to the slide. The 79 PD was pretty close to 32mm
  14. WERNER1

    7" LED bar light!

    Nice! I like that bracket too!!