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  1. One of my friends bought a CR500 a few weeks ago, and after watching the racing I described earlier I could n't help think a 500cc 2-stroke mx bike would competitive cheap road race bike in that class, Regards Sunny
  2. Might have a point there, but I dont really think it's attitude, Infact I dont really see where attitude comes into it, The other week I was watching some local club road racing(somone I know was racing), and the supermoto's were in with(you'l like this "The Forgotten Era class" old british bikes/TZ350 yamaha's also), So quite a mix really(supermoto.s being raced were a KTM Supercomp/LC4 SM,Honda CRF450,KTM Duke,3 Muz Mastiff's) and all were being ridden in roadbike riding style not a foot out anywhere, Why because it the fastest way around that track, so really you could say supermoto riding is really born out of function for getting around tight go kart like track's rather than attitude, Regards Sunny
  3. Depends on what supermoto mean's to you(I know that's abit of a cop out reply), In my mind a supermoto is a trail/enduro/mx bike with roadwheels on it for roaduse or race use, And again depending on how and where you use it, my own bike will never see a supermoto race let alone race in one, But (in my opinion) is still a supermoto since fundamently it's still a dirtbike with road 17inch road wheels, Regards Sunny
  4. sunny

    PICTURE: sonnys bike

    Would n't we all , This is my first supermoto(prev bikes DRZ400,ZX-6R,DR650,GS500,various off road bikes), And I'm playing it safe(no competition off roaders with no warranty), however if I'm still having as much fun next year as I'm having now with the Baghira, well I might just consider something a bit more focused, I must confess to being a XR650R fan and still could be tempted, and that new WR450 looks rather tasty also, We've never had it so good! Reagrds Sunny
  5. sunny

    PICTURE: sunnys dyno chart

    I dont want to sound demanding, but did you get the photo of the bike(kind of help give you all an idea of what it is), Many thanks Sunny
  6. sunny

    PICTURE: sunnys dyno chart

    Thanks for posting it, I used to post alot on the DRZ forum a while back(probarly before you started) I noticed you offered to post stuff for somone else on another post, so figured you were the man to ask, The bike is a MZ(MuZ) Baghira Street Moto(or a silver black panther), which use's a Yamaha 5valve,liquid cooled 660 engine(same as the Raptor quad thingy/XTZ trailbike/SZR , dont know if you got the XTZ/SZR in the US), As you can see the bike has had a bit of light tuning done to it(Race exhaust,carb+airbox mods), Regards Sunny
  7. sunny

    Praga 610 supermoto

    I'm not really sure, the 609cc came from a german shops website, intialy thats what I thought the husky 610 was a 576/77 cc motor, it was a bloke on another forum that reckoned it was a old husky motor, Somebody else reckoned it's a husaberg engine(again I'm not sure), Reagrads Sunny
  8. sunny

    Praga 610 supermoto

    Hi Bully, come on spill the beans on your praga, does it feel as light as it's claimed, how much did you pay for it? are you happy with it, John, it use's the old husky 610 engine(609cc), and use's a mikuni TM40 carb,Paloi forks,WP rear suspension,brembo brakes so sounds pretty well specced up, Factory power claim is 36kw at 6500rpm, which is about 47-49hp, I'd reckon somewhere between 42-46hp at the rearwheel sounds about right, Someone on the visordown forum, said that they can be tuned to see 60hp, which given enough cash seems realistic(to me anyway), So come on Bully let us know how your getting on with it! Regards Sunny
  9. sunny

    MZ Black Panther

    Check out this website slipstream tuning(not sure of the exact adderess, do a search on google), check out there SZR660(same engine as the MZ 's) nice 70hp dyno chart to look at, The sky's the limit eh! Regards Sunny
  10. sunny

    MZ Black Panther

    Not a black panther, but a street moto(same bike just in a different colour), very happy with it(and the price too) more so after it had the airbox opened up/BSM race exhaust/re-jetted and lowered the gearing, much better, Regards Sunny
  11. sunny


    futter, from VD(as in visor dowm not well you know) not got a tl motor in that ole XR yet! regards Sunny
  12. sunny

    Posting Again

    I used to post on the DRZ400 forum a while back, but called it a day when I traded my DRZ in for a new bike, and this forum was n't up and running then, Anyway my bike, not realy what you'd call a extreme SM bike(VOR/Husky Nox etc), but I am happy with it, Its a MuZ Baghira Street Moto(in a rather fetching silver/grey, if you dont mind me saying), its had a few mods done to it, BSM carbon race exhaust(muffler)/ carb re-jet/airbox mods and lowered gearing(infact its going back into the tuners to get some more work done to it next monday), It has WP fully adjustable rear shock,braided brakes lines(as std), behr 17 inch wheels(apparantly std fare on BMW''s) and probarly the best part a yamaha 660 5 valve engine(read raptor/XTZ660) which can be tuned to the high heavens, oh and came with a set of pirreli MT60 Corsa's(got a dragon evo to fit tommorrow), The bike seemed pretty clogged up in std trim(tested at 49.6hp fuchs dyno(din crankshaft) about 46 rearwheel hp, now 50.6hp, but put nearly 6hp on in the midrange) so runs far better with the mods that have been done to it, the gearing was also way to high pulling about 110mph with the 15tooth sprocket(now just over a 100mph with the 14tooth), Overall the bike seem's robustly made, the only area that did raise a eyebrow was the claimed weight for it 172-80kg, not that it felt that heavy just more so than my drz did, however that figure is with a fulltank of fuel and ready to ride, when's the last time you read a wet weight figure from japan(I would guess never), On the weight factor, I read a UK road test of the Baghira,KTM Duke and the CCM R30, figure this out, Duke 145kg 1/4mile 14'5 sec 104mph top speed R30 132kg 1/4mile 14.5 sec 103mph top speed Baghira 1/4mile 14.9 sec 110mph top speed(they printed the weight as 156kg,172kg is from the factory brochure/owners manual), It looks like the only reason the baghira was slower was due to being higher geared, so I smell a rat with the ccm weighing 132kg and also the KTM, There dyno figure were Duke 48hp,Baghira 44.5hp and the CCM 43.4hp, Anyway its ggo to be back Regards Sunny
  13. sunny

    loose wieght

    I think the DRZ E(electric start) tip's the scale's (claimed so use large portion's of salt) at 118kg, How does that compare to your Yamaha?, I think the KTM EXC's are lighter and have electric start's(but probarly cost more), The only good YZF that Yamaha make is the R1!!!!!! Regards Sunny(jokingly)
  14. sunny

    loose wieght

    What DRZ do you mean Mark, the E or the S model, And what type of race to make it more suited for? Supermoto,Enduro,MX(wouldn't see much point trying to make the Dual Sport S into a MX bike, when you could buy a crosser for less), I've never ridden the kickstart DRZ, but apparantly it weighs 112kgs, that seem's to be on par with other similar priced 4-stroke's of that engine size(or not to far off it), I was reading in US magazine a while back about a yoshimuira DRZ that they were racing(doing pretty well I'm sure they said) so there is scope to make it more race orientated if you so wished, Regards Sunny
  15. sunny

    part throttle stumble follow-on

    Sorry to hear about your bike, Personaly I've never had a part throttle quitting and stumble, had the bike for nearly a year now(done 6000 miles), My bike ran crisp from day one, as with all new bike it loosened up after some miles were put on it, Regards Sunny