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    Motocross, Motocross, Motocross,ummm did I mention motocross
  1. 1dustries

    Dog Valley

    I used to go to high school parties out there and get loaded.
  2. 1dustries

    RC Racing a GNCC

    RC would dust them. At the speed he corners everyone else would look like a grandma.
  3. Im a frosh at ASU from Reno, NV and I have gone to Speedworld a couple times, but never get the two for one discount. I mostly race mx in the 125B class. Im open to anyone that likes to ride and go to mx practices. Thanks.
  4. Im going to ACP tonight for a practice and need somebody else that wants to come and ride so we can get half price on entry fee. Let me know ASAP.
  5. he probably jus walked it off
  6. i have the zip ty fuel screw and i have changed the setting from 3 to 4. I dont think that it could be flooding it because there is a ever so small slight pop on the decel. Maybe its normal and im snapping the throttle too fast, but on my last CRF450 the bike hardly ever backfired.
  7. My YZ250f was popping a lot when i let of the gas and i know that is a sign of the bike running too lean. Well i bumped up my slow jet from a 42 to a 45. and the popping seems to have left, but sometimes still a slight pop, but what really bugs me is that I added the Boyesen Quickshot and when i snap the throttle it bogs. Could this be a sign that my bike is still a little lean and i need to up the slow jet again? Im thinking the slow jet isnt supplying enough fuel when I snap the throttle that is causing the bog. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  8. 1dustries

    Grip tape

    helps you stay on the bike. Hence the name "grip" tape.
  9. 1dustries

    I'm Sposored!

    wow, im jealous I have never been "sposered" before. what is it like?
  10. 1dustries

    Engine Computer Simulation

    it has 4 valves. and thats all i know
  11. 1dustries

    Pic's of Poison Spider Arch

    i think ill stick to the track, but that is ****ing sick
  12. 1dustries

    Don't ever get this drunk

    I like to wash my puke down with a new beer.
  13. that is awesome looking dirt