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  1. PETE24

    2109 TC 250 9.5 hrs

    almost ten hrs on my new carcass air fork, ive only checked the pressure 3 times raced the bike 5 weeks straight the pressure don't matter as much as people say I cant tell the difference between 130 and 150 lbs so if I do check it I run around 140 or something close, very good forks sag? I think its 105 I left the dealer with a spring for my weight 210 lbs and set it when I bought it I have not touched the adjustments at all I'm running motorex fully synthetic 2t 50:1 haf race haf pump gas I broke one rear spoke, and I have lots of friends with these bikes and ktm two strokes with spoke issues so I relaced the wheels with bulldog spokes I put a Tring did chain on it when I bought it that and a plastic acerbic skid plate , those are the only mods stock jetting too I raced it in the mud twice and both times I had to dissasemble the petcock and clean it out as it got crunchy I really like it I'm coming from a 18 crf 450 that had way to much power and wanted to kill me most of the time I gave the Honda a chance it had 38 miserable hours on it I raced 45++, 50+ and 55+ in NESC six motos a day for 13 weeks straight the last five weeks were really fun because of this bike i made some husky contingency buks and got first overall and won my last moto of the year if any of you are vet riders and want to ask questions go ahead
  2. PETE24

    19 tc 250

    it shifts good numbers were easy to apply
  3. PETE24

    19 tc 250

    got my bike yesterday, rode it today comming from 7 different alumin framed yz 250s i have to say its better than i thought it would be
  4. PETE24

    2018 Honda 450R oil capacity?

    go on transworld mx and look up the video for 2019 crf 450 set up tips, kennys mechanic says 1250cc he also says no need to break the motor in unless your name is Roxanne or Tomac
  5. PETE24

    2017 crf 450 won’t start

    make sure the idle isnt turned all the way off
  6. PETE24

    Where is the best, cheapest place to buy

    then call factory connection
  7. PETE24

    Bike will not go into 5th

    ive fixed lots of those, third is goinng next your takin it apart
  8. if you dont warm it up properly it will die when you blip it, three different times this season mine has died on the starting line , ive never had a kx450 but i asked guys who have had lots of them and they say warm it up good, i have been doing that and its fine
  9. PETE24

    2016 kx450 smoke 15 hours

    i have a 17 when i run the black chip if i leave the cold start pulled out for a long time, when i rev it it smokes quite a bit but it clears up , mines got 52 hr on it and i woundt even consider doing top end , not till 70-80 hrs, the only way yours could be doing that is if dirt got in there, oil and gas dont score the cylinder, dirt does
  10. PETE24

    Why does chain guide do this?

    you let the wear pad go way to long
  11. PETE24

    2018 yz450f

    front page on vital mx under moto related guy has one all stickered up ammd ready to go
  12. PETE24

    2018 yz450f

    dealer search says rock river in WI has them and also four other dealers
  13. PETE24

    KXF450 2017 4th gear pitting issue

    i would absolutely change that
  14. PETE24

    08 CRF-450R buy with with high hours?

    i have a 08, bought it new its got 135 hrs on it, has had whole clutch , basket, plates hub and press plate one piston one timming chain three sets of rims, (im fat) lots of cables and levers three bottom shock bearings two complete fork and shock rebuilds, the first after 50 hrs also got revalved by FC more tires and chains and sprockets than i can count plenty of plastic parts not as many brakes as you would think maybe three each end one set of front wheel bearings, no rears a set of lightspeed footpegs its had spectro 10-40 semi syn, and sx clutch saver every three hrs i won two vet championships on it in 08 i raced it three times last year won two overalls and got a third at one its great bike i keep waiting fo it to break so i can restore it and throw it in the line up to look at i dont think it will ever break, my buddy sold his bike and ordered a 18crf450, and didnt have a bike to use so he rode it in 30a and 40 a at southwick last weekend so the moral of my story is buy the thing its fixable and well worth it, i have a 17 kx 450, and its hardly better than my 08 , prolly aint any better first pik is the day i got it, second is april 17
  15. PETE24

    i rode a 17 honda 450

    i did a bad thing i rode a crf450 2017 it turned better than my 17 kx450 front brake was better forks were as good as my Fc spring kit and third gear was way more usuable so moved my bars to the forward most setting i moved my fork up to the second line set my sag to 107 bled my brakes, had to lighten up the rebound on my fork to make the newfound head shake go away , but it turns much better now, im running the white coupler, going to try the green one today to see if i thought that honda was faster because im really slow and it pulled better off the bottom