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  1. bushsbiggestfan

    TTR 225 Big Bore?

    He installed a Chevy 350 on the side, thats how he gets wheelies in 4th and it weighs 300...lol
  2. bushsbiggestfan

    Dirtygirl Video

    I knew angels flew
  3. bushsbiggestfan

    PW 50

    Factory only my friend....sorry But you can get some BMX grips..they fit, go to the local bike shop.
  4. bushsbiggestfan

    Upolu ride with Dirtygirl

    That is one beautiful woman riding. I think all dirtbikers get to go there when we die..Thast got to be heaven.
  5. bushsbiggestfan

    2003 ttr-225 plastics

    TTR225 is factory only..sorry
  6. bushsbiggestfan

    Chest Guard: On / Off / Under ?

    depends on if you buy one for the outside or the inside. most MX riders (pros you see on TV) wear the under the jersey roost protectors. Its really up to you, I feel you get more protection from a Outside the jersey type, but Im sure many will say just the opposite.
  7. I have a 50cc racer..Thanks for the link!!!!
  8. bushsbiggestfan

    PW50 - QT50 rear gear upgrade?

    Yes, remove it for more power
  9. bushsbiggestfan

    PW50 - QT50 rear gear upgrade?

    Burned will answer the peg question...I dont want to see what the stage of name calling is...Ill just stick at clueless. (psst.....ebay has new pegs for the pw all the time, they are not to big and are way better than the stock)
  10. bushsbiggestfan

    Dislocated Shoulder. Doctor Necessary?

    Eddie, Get your ass to Columbia and see a real doctor...lol
  11. bushsbiggestfan

    PW50 - QT50 rear gear upgrade?

    ..damn dont get your feeling hurt over a can of spray paint. I was just trying to help someone that hasnt done it hundreds of times with the pinion gear seeing that the spray will chip right off and start looking like chit. But again..sorry
  12. bushsbiggestfan

    PW50 - QT50 rear gear upgrade?

    well a bit more than that...pull out the ring gear from the qt50 setup. press the shaft out. do the same for the pw50 set. then install the shaft in the qt ring gear and reinstall. then just use the entire qt50 rearend if your pw. If you really have to have the black pw rearend you will need to make a tool to remove the pinion gear. a bolt with a 19mm head will work. you can double nut it or weld a nut on the other side to remove the thing over the pinion gear. pop the gear out and reinstall the new one. some new grease won't hurt. He would have been wondering how to get the pinion out for days..lol I did the first one I did..
  13. bushsbiggestfan

    PW50 - QT50 rear gear upgrade?

    Its very easy, and it works great, it really helps the pw50 hook up out of a corner and on take off. I recommend it. If you decide to do this pm me once you get the gears and Ill talk you through it. Dont buy them from some store..ebay them.
  14. bushsbiggestfan

    Sprain Heal Time

    Well I believe in the ol TV and BEER for 2 weeks method of healing...Now if you talk to my day he would tell you one of 2 things... "Thats nothing..I have had bigger bites on the end of my johnson that that" or "Hell Honey, the boy isnt even bleeding, hes fine!"
  15. bushsbiggestfan

    Video of Bubba on HBO

    IS the link broke?