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    The bike does backfire on deacceleration, but it has done this in the summer too and never had a cherry red pipe, this is the first time... a friend just texted me and said it could be from the cold weather but im not sure.
  2. Sorry if in the wrong section, i dont know what is causing this so didnt know what "catagory" to put it in. I Have a 2006 KTM 250sxf, i bought over the past summer. Well the beginning of this winter i stored the bike in the garage. Now today (2/4/2014) i live in Pennsylvania, so its like 25 degrees outside....i decided to take it out for a little spin up and down the road since it hasnt been driven in so long. So i bought 5 gallons of CAM 2 Racing Gasoline (110 Octane, No Ethenol, i always ran this gas) and i put in some Carb Treatment to help out the carb since it sat for a while. Then i started it up after like 100 kicks hahaha took me a while, then got it warmed up fine and took it for a spin, once fully warmed up i held'er wide open down the road and then even-throttled it back. Then when i went to park it in the garage i turned the feul valve to "OFF" and then i let the bike idle in my garage so it would burn up all of the gas left in the carb so it can sit for a while longer until spring officially hits. Then i notice that my header pipe is starting to get cherry red! so i shut the bike off, the pipe slowly started to turn back to the normal silver color. Then i started it back up to finish burning up all the gas and then in a matter of maybe 15-20 seconds it turned Cherry Red Again!!? So i didnt even finish burning off the rest of the gas, i turned the bike off and came on here for help... help!?
  3. LoganFry

    What is my bike worth?

    Rub on clutch cover and the replacement plastics are because this bike was trail ridden in dense pennsylvania woods and farmland most of the time, I do race it on SX track every once in a while but not often.
  4. Not planning on selling, i love and take care of this bike more than my own GF lol, just wondering what people say it would be worth. -2006 KTM 250sxf -Engine is all stock with about 25-30 hours (NEVER REBUILT, STOCK HOURS SINCE 2006) *Estimated hour #'s. -Carb was professionally tuned and jetted by local race shop -Has a complete Dubach Racing Exhaust System (Pipe & Header) -All new plastics with brand new OEM graphics -Excel Black Rims (stock hubs) -Cross-Country gas tank (larger fuel tank, unsure of manufacturer was on it when bike was purchased) -Trail-Tech Kickstand -Then the small cosmetics, new grips and grip doughnuts and all the little add-ons for custom look. Sorry if the picture is too big and it is a little fuzzy, i took this picture with my iPod Touch haha.
  5. LoganFry

    BIG contest coming soon!

    MOTO PACK: -High Performance Oil (or premix) -New goggles -Tear offs -Grip Doughnuts -Triangle or Box Bike stand -New MX Boots, or Chest Protector or Neck Brace? OFFROAD PACK: -Handguards -Grip Dougnuts -Fluffy Pillow Grips -Gas Tank Cap -New Goggles -Skid Plates
  6. LoganFry


    Oh yeah man their are a few tracks in PA such as Sleepy Hollow MX, Evansville, Dutchman MX, Doublins Gap and ik some others but forget their names. I mostly go to Evansville because I live like a half hour away from it.
  7. Haha just wondering who else on here rides at Evansville MX Park which is a little north of Berwick PA. Just curious who on here I may have seen before haha. I ride a KTM 250sxf and I usually ride at every single MX and SX practice they have.
  8. Try getting a heavier flywheel, that and the pro circuit pipe is probably a race pipe, FMF's SST Pipe is for trail riding and isn't a true "fatty" pipe, believe it or not on 2t's the expansion chamber (pipe) can really impact on top and bottom end power
  9. I've had my 06' 250sxf for a little over a week know and I asked the other guy if he ever rebuilt it or anything and he said he never did and he never road it that much cuz he works and that when he did it was trail rode. This bike is in beautiful shape, and I want to put a high compression piston in it so when should I go about doing this? The bike has loads of compression, you cnt even push it over with all your strength in your arm and when it's running theirs not even a tick or nothin she runs smooth as can be other than backfiring which is a jetting problem but that's it. When should I go about putting a high compression piston in?
  10. I just got a 2006 KTM 250sxf and I took it to the track and I had some pretty hard landings on some singles and through the woops, thank god I didn't blow my fork seals haha. I've never done anything to suspension in any bike I've ever owned and I would like to get Factory Connection suspension, how would I go about doing this? Idk what I have to do, do I take it to the bike shop or what?
  11. LoganFry

    how can you tell when you need a top end rebuild

    Their are hundreds of tall tale signs of needing a rebuild, yes what you explained could be a sign but also look for power loss, abnormal engine noise from top end piston area. Honestly just rebuild it right now since you don't know how many hours are on it, it could save your butt in the long run and it would freshen up the bike.
  12. LoganFry

    Lets see your bike

    2006 KTM 250sxf love this bike haha -Dubach Racing Exhaust -Black Excel Rims -Carb Jetted
  13. LoganFry

    Nooooooo! Popped a spoke...wheel ok?

    Most likely you did bend the rim slightly which is why the spoke popped and it wobbles.
  14. LoganFry

    Rm 250

    Has your son ever ridden on a motocross track? If not then before racing you should take him to the track when they have open practices so he can get the feel of it. If he has then yes, depending what classes that track has either just C class or Schoolboy C or 250c, the track may even have a D class, they are rare but some tracks have it for the real novices to Motocross. In my experience 250 race classes are competitive but remember your sons not racing on TV with pros for a grand prize money reward so if he does race even tho it is competitive just tell him to have fun! I just started racing Schoolboy 250c class here at my hometown track and I can say the other riders are more competitive than me.
  15. LoganFry

    Changing Piston Compression Ratios

    Along with what I said above, when using a high compression piston it is also then required to run high octane fuel (premium 93 and higher) because of the compression increase for the combustion process.