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  1. jcole

    99 Decomp mod...again

    Just finished this mod on my 99 and it starts much better now. Easy change took about 4 hours. Ordered the shim kit off ebay, it made it easier to get the right shims in. Also a nice inch pound torque wrench is a must.
  2. jcole

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

    Just did the exhaust cam change on my 99 yz 400 using the hot cams part. The swap out was quite easy. The only problem I had was starting the bike after the install, the problem was my newly purchased zip ty fuel screw. I backed the fuel screw all the way out and back in until it was seated and then out 1 1/2 turns and perfect the bike started up the first kick and ran excellent. Not sure what happened with the fuel screw maybee I had it in to far. This I would rate as a easy week end project if you have the inch pound torque wrench, wich converts to 10NM to 88.8 inch pound for the cam covers.
  3. jcole

    servicing items yz400

    I just did a major on my 99 400. Put in a new hot cams exhaust cam for the auto decompression, re-shimmed the valves, straitened the front rim, replaced front and rear tires, o-ring chain and new front and rear sprockets, zip ty fuel screw, frp chain guide, started her up and after some tuning on the fuel screw it runs so much better. The one tool I needed was a inch pound torque wrench, I borrowed mine just to much to spend for now. Put on the new muzzy exhaust which fits very well and with the quiet core insert seems to be quiet. Installed the larger natural clarke tank. Replaced fuel line, Changed the oil, frame screen also it looked like it had not been changed for awhile, filled her up with shell rotella t loaded up and headed for clear creek for the wild piglet (I guess you know how that ended up) I turned around when I reached coalinga and the snow was falling. This is my first Yamaha dirt bike and I have found that the bike is very easy to work on and the manual seems to be good also. The cam change out was quite easy just take your time and order a shim kit off ebay, makes things much easier. Other than that keep the oil changed, filter clean and it will run forever. Best trail bike I have owned.
  4. jcole

    Wild Piglet Route sheets

    Well just called the hotline it is not updated yet. That is going to suck if they cancel it right before the start!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
  5. Anybody know if a stock exhaust system from a 2002 426 will fit on a 99 400f? Thanks
  6. jcole

    Cam install help

    Josh that helps allot thanks I was not sure.
  7. jcole

    Top DeaD center

    Trying ti fond TDC? I do not see any marks like what is illustrated in the owners manual. All I see is a H and a I wich one do I use???
  8. jcole

    Cam install help

    I ordered a hot cam exhaust cam today and I have the bike tore down with the cams removed. My question is this, I lined up the I with the marks this suppose to be top dead center. Problem is when I look at the cams the lobes are facing inward twords each other. I doubled checked and it is lined up with the I mark. Should I reinstall the cams the same way or face them outward like every thing says????
  9. jcole

    FMF Q on a 400F/426F?

    Thanks for the replies, I think I will go with the E2 so it will match up to the header pipe.
  10. I currently have a 99 yz400f with WB E series exhaust. I have the quiet core insert and five disks but I am going to be enetering a enduro in March and I need it to be under 96db's. I dont think the e series is going to get it done. I am considering the original version of the FMF Q series to put on the bike to get me through the race with out breaking the bank. Problem is I have heard of some 426 guys having trouble jetting there bikes for this exhaust. any body had trouble with the original Q and jetteing on there yzf's? PS: If anybody is interested in The E series muffler and WB head pipe both in excellent shape email me they are for sale or trade for a stock 400/426 sysem, they do me no good in California.
  11. I have a White Brothers E series exhaust and I tried to install the quiet core and the bike seemed to pop alot more than it had without the quiet core. Do I just need to add more disks to the exhaust, or is this a jetting issue?
  12. jcole

    99 yz400f

    I bought the bike! Took it for a spin around the block and could not believe the power. My last bike was a crf250x it was quite slow. The only thing is the noise of the exhaust. It has a E series with a header pipe. He gave me the quiet core insert but he siad when he installed it it made the bike pop. anybody have any ideas how to put the quiet core in and solve the popping bproblem? Do I need to add more disks?> Thanks
  13. jcole

    99 yz400f

    Going to look at and possibly buy a 99 yz400f tomorrow. I do mostly trail riding. The bike has a 10 oz flywheel weight and is geared down quite a bit. Any advise on what to look for on the bike, and if I do buy it what will I need to add to it to make a good trail machine. Thanks
  14. jcole

    Front number plate

    Quick question I have a 2004 crf250x with the BRP top triple clams , I need to know how the front number plate on a stock 2004 crf250r attaches to the bottom clamp. I know it will bolt right to the top clamp, it is made for the R any way. Thanks for the help
  15. jcole

    Maxxis IT?

    Bought a 110/100/80 Maxxis IT for my X today, anybody running this on thier bike? How much pressure are you running and how does it wear? Thanks