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    rebuild question

    axman2292, I'm having the same problem. What was the problem with yours?
  2. I have just finished a complete top and bottom end rebuild of my '05 450R, following it's bottom end implosion during the Hattah desert race in OZ. First, the moment of truth- combustion... To my absolute astonishment she started up and purred like a kitten, on only the second kick! Second- gearing... :-(... Not so much luck I'm affraid... Symptoms: - When the bike is off, the gear lever clicks first, second and neutral. The clutch lever has the normal resistance. However, when the bike is running It can 'CLUNK' into first and neutral only. The clunking, an obvious indicator that clutch is dragging or not operational at all. Now I'll be honest with you- I rebuilt this bike using a service manual, the web and TT, and that is as far as my experience streches. It has been an absolute blast rebuiling this bike and I have meticulous during the process. I would really like to get this job completed myself, and avaiod the maintenance shop. Have any of you any idea of what may be the offending component is, or what the service manual may have omitted to tell me?