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    I know it's been said and discussed but I could not find a listing of parts for the starter upgrade on the 2003 WR450 in the search area.... Looks to me on a microfiche that there is a big tooth wheel 2 washers and... what do I need? list please... and need to do to install the stuff. grateful to you geniuses.
  2. motionmama

    where'd my oil go?

    Just wnet out to check the oil in my 2003 WR450 and nothing is on the dipstick? Where did the oil go?
  3. motionmama

    no restrictor

    Yesterday I was riding along the mesa on the bad dirt roads with ruts washouts, sand and lose stones when my bike suddenly became very loud. I shut it down and checked the exhaust pipe. The GY insert bolt had vibrated lose and allowed the whole insert to blow out of the pipe. Not able to find the bolt that held it in the pipe I had to wait for the insert to cool and carry it home with a loud pipe. I had so much more power it was incredible and no hicups at all. Fortunatly I teach and live on the Navajo reservation where noise isn't a big issue. Will riding the bike with no restrictor hurt it? I noticed the idle was much higher. But the power increase was unbelieveable?
  4. motionmama


    2003 Wr450
  5. motionmama

    oil cooler

    Is there an oil cooler available for the WR450?
  6. motionmama


    I talked to a yamaha dealer about a hesitation that appears when riding on the hwy at about a constant 55-65 mph. I feel this glitch or series of glitches. If I hit the throttle the bike excelerates with no problem but steady gets me a hesitation or glitch. Dealer says the bike was not made for steady throttle on the road and will do that. Dp people does yours do this also? Should I have bought the Suzuki DR400 bike? I ride mostly off road but have used the bike for school on the hwy. Speed limit is 65. Thanks for your advice on the brake line. Will keep trying, and this glitch. great people you are
  7. motionmama

    help with rear brake

    I need some help with my rear brake. I have thetrick dual sport kit which requires a brake light switch plug screw placed in the rear master cyclinder where the regular brake line bolt inserts. Pumped thousand of times and can ot get any pressure in the rear calipers. Everything is tight. Dot 4 brake fluid. Rear brake pads do not move at all. Help.
  8. Ok did what was recommended seems some idiots that passed my bike grabbed the throttle and there was so much gas it was rediculous. Ran the old gas out of the carb also. Took out the plug a swivel rachet works just fine.On the second kick it ran. I shut it off and tried to restart later with the electric start and it doesn't seem to do much. Why have the electric start if it takes forever to crank it over? Does the 2004 upgrade make the bike start easier with the electric start? thank you.
  9. motionmama

    gonna do the upgrade

    Thank you. Took out sparkplug with a swivel rachet head kinda black. Draining the gas next. Will do the upgrade.
  10. motionmama

    Brand New '03 WR450F

    Hey Mr. Down under. You guys have access to the 25l tank offered for the WR450f. I want one. I talked to a dealer who gave me a price of 600.00 US to get the tank bought and shipped over to the US. Do you have any info on this tank, such as availability, your cost, perhaps even shipping? thanks
  11. I bought my WR450F after selling a KLR650 which was too top heavy and extremely difficult to lift up when I fell in the dirt.I like the idea of the DP bike. It really felt clumsey on the few cow trails I rode it on. I sold it and then looked at the DR400 had a deposit on one but the dealer jerked me around so I decided to go with the WR. I found one with very few miles (still has the new tire nubs from the mold) that had been traded in on a snowmobile in upper Utah. It's a 2003. I rode it once around the block decided it was too tall sent the rear shock out for shortening and lowered the forks about 1 1/2 after changing out the bars and bar bracket. I checked by the serial number and yes there is the punch mark meaning something had been done about the woodruff key. I've read on the forum that the 2003's have starter problems that are solved by using the 2004 parts. Gees I bought alot of parts and could put them on a 2004 and sell the 2003 if its really going to be a problem bike.I wanted to go out and explore dirt trails and hopefully do some of the continental divide. Can I get some opinions from you and suggestions. Should I sell it and move on to a more reliable year or fix the problems? If so will it ever be a stone reliable machine for long days on the trail? thank you.
  12. motionmama

    starter problems

    Thanks how do I get the plug out? I don't have any of the yamaha tools that came with the bike? The bike did not sit around with gas in it. I took the tank off before I began working on it so it had no fuel in it maybe a tad in the carb. Bike has only a few hours on it like new. Thanks very much.
  13. motionmama

    starter problems

    Ok I read you guys posts on starter problems with the 03 and this is my story. I bought the bike over a year ago. I rode it one time and then had several surgeries. I decided to change some parts and add the trick dual sport kit. Everything on the dual sport kit works and today the battery was charged and the bike kicked over 30 times or so and not a damned thing. NOTHINg. Went to the electric for a few jabs and not a damned thing. Headed for the spark plug but the damned thing is burried under a rubber boot and then a plastic shaft with Nippon denso on the top and a 2 prong plug. I thought I could check the current and see if the plug was getting spark. Gas is fine. I bought the bike used and no tools came with it so I sitting here at the computer waiting for some help from you the wise the expereinced and the helpful. Thanks in advance Pam
  14. motionmama

    03 WR450 Starter Problem?????

    Hey friend we're 7 hrs apart. I'm in the 4 corners area. I didn't buy the Baja designs. I bought another company dual purpose kit and they sent me the wrong rear master cylinder brake switch so I may have a problem. They resent the right one....can't think of the name but I suspected the same thing with the mess of wiring. I am not electrical at all. I teach school and have a student who is very good with dirt bikes and wants to go to school to be a mechanic. I'm going to let him take a look at it. A very good mechanic hooked everything up and the lights all came on but the bike wouldn't start. I moved the bike and something must have come loose since now the lights won't come on. I wanted the DP since I want to ride the divide before I die. DP choices are not much. I wanted a light bike I could pick up, reliable, fast, and able to go off road. Seat ht has been a real problem. I had the rear shock lowered, changed handlebars and raised the forks about 1-2 inches. I cut the seat down and I think that's as good as it is going to get.
  15. motionmama

    03 WR450 Starter Problem?????

    Can you give me more info on this problem. I have an 03 bike that has very low hours on I took it apart for some mods skid plate dp kit and now it won't start? thanks