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    all things moto!!!! and honda ;D
  1. Honda Raser

    No fuel to engine

    Ok so i was riding my bike (01 CR125) at my house, and when i went to gas it out of the corner it just bogged and died . So i pushed it back the the trailer and tore it down checked the compression and it was fine. Then i cleaned the Carb put it all back together and tried to start it but there's no gas getting to the motor . There is however fuel getting the the Carb. im out of thing to try. Any ideas???
  2. Honda Raser

    01 CR125 big bore?HELP

    Ok so i have a 01 cr125, and i was wondering if i should get a big bore kit for it (from Eric Gorr) or get a cr250. I race open C and i just feel like i need a little more power because im getting pulled by the 450s in the straights. my only problem is $$ sadly. . and im not sure if i could get enough for a 250 by next season, but i can defiantly get a bore kit. my main question is would it be better for me to save up and get a 250 or go with the bore kit???