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  1. Hey guys so I just installed a jd jet kit in my 2004 CRF250X. I followed all the instructions and did the thin o ring mod on the accelerator pump. The bike started up great, and was running steady and idle. It also would rev up no problem. But as soon as I put the bike in gear and give it a decent amount of twist on the throttle while riding, it sticks open and revs up really high. A little startling to say the least. I checked the throttle linkage and it seems to not be sticking. Any ideas as to what my problem could be? Thanks!
  2. french_fried_taters

    1999 250 Exc Clutch Cover

    Hey All Have a crack around one of the bolt holes on my outer clutch cover. I've been looking for a new one, but I'm having trouble finding an aftermarket one. The OEM one is over $200. Is there a cross reference somewhere so I can find out if cover from another year of bike will fit? I appreciate the help! Thanks