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    DRZ400E + FMF Pipe jetting

    Thanks for your comments. My pilot jet is 45 at the moment and my pilot air jet is 60. I will investigate the pilot jet though to make sure that it is clean and looks fine. If not I will replace it with a brand new one. The full recommended FCR39 setup I also found on TT forum is: 158/160 main jet...(not stock) 200 main air jet..(stock) 60 pilot air jet ..(stock) OCEMN needle, clip 3...or JD needle,clip 4 ...or stock OBDXP needle ,clip 5...(in order of preference) 45 pilot jet..(stock) 2.25 turns fuel screw Does the FMF PowerCore2 can and CE removal from the carb affect this jetting? Will Eddie's mod improve the throttle response on this carb?
  2. Hi All! I got rid of my previous DRZ400E '2000 and now bought DRZ400e '2003 and want to make it ride properly. The bike has: - stock Keihin FCR 39 (not MX) - FMF PowerCore2 pipe + stock header pipe - air box with the rubber snorkel removed - stock jetting - average elevation ca. 1000 ft above sea level - average temperature ca. 70 Fahrenheit These are the jets I have at the moment: PILOT AIR JET - 60 MAIN JET - 165 The bike starts fine from cold on choke, but after few seconds the revs drop low. Once it warms up I switch the choke off and the revs go up (!) and the engine runs smooth. I also do not get the power hit on twisting the throttle I had in my previous DRZ. What I want to do is: - get the carb out and clean it - get the CA out - do Eddie's mod (does it make sense for my setup?) What jetting and fuel screw settings should I use for my bike? I can also try to find another needle if needed. I would appreciate your suggestions! Thanks!
  3. electro9

    DRZ400e '2000 FCR 39 Carb rebuild jetting

    Hi All, I would like to share my experience, maybe somebody will find it useful someday. My final setup for a DRZ400E with stock muffler and airbox limiter removed is: 160 main jet 200 main air jet 60 pilot air jet OBDXP needle, clip 5 45 pilot jet 1.75 turns fuel screw I do not have an extended fuel screw. But after a while I have found a way to turn that bloody thing without taking the tank off and disconnecting everything. All I did was unscrewing the rubber sleeves on both sides of the carb, then pushing the airbox-side sleeve towards the airbox which gave me some room to move the carb towards the airbox without disconnecting the cables and tubes. Then I could use a flat bit to turn the fuel screw. Adjusting on the running engine still not possible this way but at least didn't have to dismantle half of the bike to check different settings. Thanks for help!
  4. electro9

    DRZ400e '2000 FCR 39 Carb rebuild jetting

    When I remove the bowl I have the main jet in the middle and two holes on both sides. I have the jet in just in one of them and it's the .65. Is this the pilot jet and there should be another jet at the other side of the main jet? If the .65 is the pilot jet, it's way over the standard specs. Will this affect my idle and low throttle performance a lot? Cannot find an aftermarket one here (I am located in Poland) and ordering one from jetsrus would take ages and cost fortune for shipping. In case it really should be changed I'll order one from suzuki (which is not cheap either). I hope that I'm not missing another one... Thanks!
  5. electro9

    DRZ400e '2000 FCR 39 Carb rebuild jetting

    Wow! Thanks guys! As far I can see, to make it running with minimal cost I should move the needle to 5th clip and get a smaller (158-160) main jet. The altitude I'm riding at is higher, so also 165 MJ seems to be a little to large. I will order the jet and hope it works just after basic FS tuning. Will also.take a look at the coast enricher. Thanks a lot! Regards.
  6. electro9

    DRZ400e '2000 FCR 39 Carb rebuild jetting

    Hi! I know that I am a new member of this forum, but would really appreciate some advice from experienced DRZ users. I promise to give the knowledge back and reply to the posts regarding things that I have more experience than FCR jetting :-) Thanks!
  7. Hi all! I am new to this forum but will definitely drop by more often as I see tons of great stuff here. Just got back from a trip from Poland to South Africa on a DR650SE which was a great bike and I loved it a lot, but had to sell it at the end. Now I bought a DRZ400e from 2000, but it needs some work before I start riding. The thing I am taking care of at the moment is the carb - I am rebuilding it but never worked on Keihins and am quite confused. I have searched the forum and found a lot of jetting advise, but am not experienced enough to choose the right setup. Could you please advise on jetting for the carb? DRZ400e 2000 stock Keihin FCR 39 (not MX) drz400e stock pipe with the baffle still in the muffler air box with the rubber restriction removed elevation ca. 1000 ft above sea level These are the jets I have at the moment: PILOT AIR JET - 60 MAIN AIR JET - missing (ordered standard 200) MAIN JET - 165 PILOT JET - where is it?! Not next to main jet as in the FCR 39 MX NEEDLE - OBDX P 4th clip from the top FUEL SCREW - 2,5 turns out Have not tried it on the bike because it is dismantled and I am waiting for the MCCT. But would like to know is there a chance that this setup will work for me or should I get some other jets (would like to avoid it though as am low on funds after my trip) I will really appreciate your help. Thanks!