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    Is the XR400 the best bike ever made?

    I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT when i learned that Honda was to cease production of the low maintainance AIR COOLED XR400 and then offer the high maintanance LIQUID COOLED CRF 450 as a trail bike in its place ? Knowing that no other manufacturer was then not offering a good all round basic to maintain air cooled trail bike I knew there may never be another bike made like the xr400 so i decided to purchace 4 of them in late 2005 .They are 4 of the last batch of 100 bought into Australia ( complianced april 2005 / built 2004 ) one being the very last model sold in the country , They have all sat untouched and have never been started and have never had fuel in the tanks just basically propped up on stands then have had the cylnders olied and the valves closed then covered with bed sheets,.Each has its very own brand new HRC power up kit , Ohlins shocker and Jeffry Honda electric start kit . They are all PERFECT SHINY AND BRAND NEW . These have been in storage for so long i simply cannot bring myself to firing one up . Can someone please educated me on how to post pics for all to see CHEERS !
  2. Hi all i am eager to post pics of my collection of brand new never used / never started 2005 xr 400s .I have 4 of them one of which is the VERY LAST one sold in Australia . All have been in storage since late 2005 . Can someone please direct me on how to post pics CHEERS MICK


    HI ALL im considering going the 440 route and am needing info on cam and comp options . Can i still use the stock cam or a hrc cam FROM WHAT I HAVE GATHERED THE 440 will give heaps of low down but not much mid range what i am hoping to achieve is the same flow of power but more of it CHEERS