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  1. Not sure. I don't have the measurements of the VM38 or OEM KLR and I never added them to the project Blog. And no longer own either KLR. I'm sure the jetting coould be modified to work, but adapting to the carb bell/air rubber might be tricky.
  2. Yes. Had in everything but sand.
  3. Running my third Motoz Tractionator on the back. Getting about 3,500 miles on the compared to 2,000 on the original MT21. Great traction, great noise. Wear earplugs especially on the slab. This includes several multi-day, 1,500-mile trips. probably 85% dirt. Second front Tractionator, but I don't think they are any better than the MT21s. 2010 purchased in late 2014 w/1,600 miles. Now has around 15,000 miles with zero drama.
  4. Tipping over probably knocked some crude loose and its sticking in the carb. Smells bad sounds like overly rich like when the float needle has some crude and its flooding running very rich (won't run with choke is another symptom).
  5. Up here in the north woods the dealers can't give away SMCs and can't keep the Endures on the floor.
  6. Can't help with the ignition, but for a carb, checkout this project blog on installing a Mikuni.
  7. A simple whack with a screw drive handle may knock the needle/seat loose again if it was put away dry. Still better to drop the bottom of the carb and wiggle the needle some to make sure it is free.
  8. Sounds like your needle/seat are stuck open. Best to pull the carb and clean especially if it has sat for "years".
  9. If your air pump runs the battery is not dead. You should get some lights and art least a click when hitting the start button. Check the fuses under the seat then the wire connections from the battery and starter. That year model had some known problems with the wiring harness being rubbed under the tank. That's your next check. Got a volt meter? get one. Cheap at Harbor Freight.
  10. The longer the link, the lower the bike sits. 5-3/8" should be the normal link measurement center to center. http://www.klr650.net/forums/showthread.php?p=1252777#post1252777
  11. Some background here: http://m.core77.com/blog/transportation/military_motorcycles_part_3_the_modern-day_decline_23552.asp
  12. Just your run of the mill Marine version of the KLR converted to diesel. Not sure where you might get any manuals, spare parts etc. although most of it is just plain old KLR650.
  13. I added handlebar riser (Happy Trails) and lowered and set back my foot pegs - about a 1 1/2 in. Makes standing better, but could use even more handlebar height. I'm 6'4" and don't stand that much any more anyway - knees. Never really had any arm fatigue.
  14. The choke/enrichment device cable/plastic nut etc. if not sealing fully.
  15. Do check your float height.