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  1. tbucheck

    4cs forks revalve

    contact mb1 texas for details
  2. tbucheck


  3. I just bought mine from MB1 Suspension. These clamps are bitchin!!!
  4. Actually harp they do not use the sdi ones anymore as they found a flaw in them and inconsistency the way they were being made and produced mike told me from MB1, now they use the same company that produces ones that makes them for pro circuit now and Showa. I have some in my 2014 crf450 and they rock... Why you always bashing MB1 anyway? What do you have against them? It just makes you look like a idiot anyway... Grow up bud..
  5. tbucheck

    Factory Connection suspension prob?!

    I think this thread needs to go to the dungeon.. I wonder how fc feels about this.. bash bash bash.. you people need to be nice to the people that support us.. even though one year they charged me 1300$ when my quote was 600$
  6. wanna smell my panties YHGEORGE you dirty old man after I pass you on my kxf250 after a 20min moto? hahhahaha..... sorry im married to a pro sx racer already....
  7. sounds like a misunderstanding on both ends.. move on! I live on the east coast and call him all the time for advice and told him about your email.. bad press or good press doesn't bother him he said.. theirs always haters and lovers regardless out there on what forums you go on..good luck..
  8. shows what kind of idiot harp is.. .46=.92kg fork spgs.. mb1 is correct, i just called them to confirm.. he said the guy misunderstood him but doesnt know what thumpertalk was.. hes a showa tech and still works for them doing pre production testing and sx testing.. guess he couldve said .92 to be exact but he assumed the customer knew what he was talking about.. he also said there is no such thing as a .46kg spg for the sff.. some people need to think a little more.. hows that mancrush harp.. what do u have against mb1 that u bash him so much on here. why dont u man up and call him? just sayin people
  9. hey wash, .46kg=.92 in a sff.. i think u probably just mistunderstood him.. u guys really blow things up on this board. almost worse than vital..
  10. . sounds like mb1 has a mancrush on him from that harp performance guy.(more like stalker) weirdo.. i have seen several posts from harp that goes after people and that hes always right. im a girl and i even know on my sff fork that .88kg fork spg are = to.44kg fork spgs so mb1 is correct along with others on this subject. lets hear some more Harp.
  11. tbucheck

    Honest Opinions Needed -re valve or not?

    same happened to me a few years back with them on my yzf450...
  12. I have the same bike and 165lbs and use a 5.4kg rear and .46fork spgs also.. the sff doesn't require 2 fork springs... that's why they call it single function fork... maybe check your weight again and did you tell them you were pro or novice. each company will recommend diff rates and each spg is diff depending on the manufacturer they are using, so their 5.4s might be diff from race techs 5.4 or even stk 5.4s... the 2014s comes with 5.4kg rear and .46fork spgs and they make those bikes targeted around guys our weight... All the big suspension companies are good and maybe your just smarter than all of them.. My friends have used them many times in the past and had awesome results.. maybe you took it the wrong way.... why not just call? look at their track record compared to yours.... don't bash the people that help our sport..