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  1. djmolinari

    2006 Husqvarna 450

    Ive been asking the same question about my 04 450.. Come on people! someones gotta know!!
  2. djmolinari

    Newbie 04 tc450

    Thanks for the pointers on the sprocket change 7point, that will save me some hassle the first time! I took the bike out to a local spot and was riding mostly atv trails and some single track.. the gearing in the bike was pretty good for the riding we were doing,but i could tell with that tall first gear i would need to gear it down for the real gnarly stuff. I was already topping out on the wide open chasing my buddies 450x (wide ratio six speed) so i know ill def need to be switching between sprockets. About the pipe.. this is the ''woods pipe" that comes with the tc from the factory... any tc owners comment on their experience with this? would be a real hassle to rejet between the two pipes as i mix my riding up a lot...The mx pipe is pretty damn loud for the single track id rather keep a lower profile through the woods. Ive also seen tons of posts on adding flywheel weights but never saw anyone confirm what flywheel can be cross referenced to this bike. Some guys said it was a ktm flywheel, but never gave a part number or bike model. so close yet so far! I sent emails to taskys, trailtech, and baja designs but received no straight answer. I also wonder if the TE flywheel would be a direct swap... Solving this issue would make the bike more tractable in loose conditions (for me at least). thanks
  3. djmolinari

    Newbie 04 tc450

    wow thanks 7point a lotta good stuff there. I made a two page list of things to go over before i even took the bike out. it does have the manual decompression lever integrated into the top of the clutch master which i thought i had read means this bike has updated valves... regardless they were in spec when i checked them. The bike is sick clean... in fact it still had the original tires..btw that sticker is long gone! The PO bought the bike in the crate in 06. Im going to do my best to keep this thing clean but something tells me it wont stay showroom like my zx14. I will be using it for mostly single track trail riding with the occasional desert trips. It has the 15 tooth front sprocket but the PO gave me a 13 tooth with the bike will i need to remove links to install the 13t? I was also wondering if the woods pipe would require a rejet? the bike runs great with the race pipe no bog whatsoever.
  4. djmolinari

    Newbie 04 tc450

    Hey everyone. I recently picked up this 2004 tc450 for my 22nd birthday. I have been super stoked doing all of the preventative maintenance that you all have suggested....and riding it! what a beast! I appreciate all the info that is shared here and hope to contribute some myself. -Daniel