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  1. motokid171

    crf 450 stroker crank

    okay everyone i just placed my order and the hot rods stroker kit should be here this week some time with all the responses i have been getting im very excited to get this beast going again
  2. motokid171

    crf 450 stroker crank

    ohh man thats awesome great to get some positive input befor i drop more money into thiss beast. did you have any trouble with the install? anything different that i should be on the look out for?
  3. motokid171

    crf 450 stroker crank

    yea only money bahahaha might i ask how long have you ran the +3 stroker crank and what would you estimate the HP increase? Do you run race fuel?
  4. motokid171

    crf 450 stroker crank

    im about to rebuild my bike due to a valve breaking off to my motor, with that being said it destroyed my Head, cylinder, pistion and bent my rod so i guess its time to upgrade I am going to run a CP 12:5:1 pistion, OEM head with SS valves, stock cam, and I am thinking about a stroker crank and with i have some questions. will i need to ballance my pistion? should I weld my crank? what bearings should i use? Ive heard people say that stroking is bad and not to do it . thank you