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    What to expect at dealer

    You'll probably need to be up in the 700's to qualify for the 0%. I have a 760 credit score and they tried to say I didnt qualify for the 0% on my 2015 Jeep. I said that's the only way I'm buying a new vehicle and started walking out. They changed there tune real quick.

    Trail bike cr250 or yz250

    Nice bike! Good Luck with it. keep the filter and oil fresh and valve in spec. It will last for a long time.

    Need new rims. what to look for/avoid? tusk brand?

    I have 100hrs on my Faster USA hubs and A60's. I'm very anal about keeping my spokes tight. Torque them to specs every other ride. Well after rthe first couple rides only a few spokes need to be tighten. A tight wheel will last a long time. Get lazy on maintenance and nothing will last. Faster USA is a great product and a decent price. Not as cheap as Tusk which is another great (heavy) wheel and is good enough for the casual rider. I have a set on my YZ450.

    Looking for riding buddies in Orlando Fl

    Sounds great! Are you riding this weekend? If so where, I can meet up with you.

    Looking for riding buddies in Orlando Fl

    sounds good, lets plan a ride

    Looking for riding buddies in Orlando Fl

    I'm early 40's. If you dont mind riding with someone older than you. I'm up for it. But if not I get it. Not sure how'd I feel at 27 riding with someone 15yrs older.

    KX100 wheels on a KTM300?


    Looking for riding buddies in Orlando Fl

    I live in FL around the Sarasota area. Are you younger or older?

    Should i buy this kx125

    To much. Money put into a bike/car/truck never comes back to you. If its mint a few hundred over book value. I look though Craigslist and there are so many people trying to get crazy money for old toys. Vintage /antiques totally different.

    KX100 wheels on a KTM300?

    I'm very short,5'3ish and my buddy is even shorter by an inch or two. Dont get me wrong the KX100 fits me like a glove. But other than fitting me there's no other good points for a 200lbs guy. Ever since I got off my 1984 KDX80 all my bikes been to tall for me. I deal with what God gave me and do to the bike what can be done. I will not go past the 2inch lowering since I believe that it starts to take away from the bike. The 2inch plus shaving the seat isnt that bad. Only in sticky situations when not being able to touch with both feet f--ks me.

    KX100 wheels on a KTM300?

    definitely will

    KX100 wheels on a KTM300?

    Do you know someone that is always right. And you cant get a valid point across. He didnt listen to me initially and has a KX100 that he doesnt want. Now has a great bike he doesnt like because he feels its to big. That monster truck with the small wheels is funny. Maybe after he sees these post it might change his mind. I almost want him to do it so I can laugh at him.

    KX100 wheels on a KTM300?

    OK, Let me start at the beginning. I bought a new KTM300xc about a yr or so ago. My buddy also was in the market for a bike. We are both short. I had kreft lower my suspension 2 inches while having my suspension done It came out awesome but was pricey. Also I've been short my whole life and I'm kind of use to not reaching the ground. My buddy decides to buy a KX100 and not taking my advice that its going to be under powered for a 200lbs guy. He came to terms that the bike is to small and bought a new 2017 300xc. Instead of spending the money to get it lowered he wants to put his wheels from the kx100 onto his 300xc. It doesnt sound like a good idea to me. Will it even work? what are everyones thoughts about this?

    Rekluse? Love em' or hate em'?

    I have one on my 2007 YZ450 since its a 4 stroke and the engine breaking is heavy. Plus it stalls easy at slow speeds. But on my 2015 KTM300xc I dont think its worth the $900. The Hydro/clutch and hardly no engine breaking it not needed at this time, for me. Plus I like using the clutch. I put the money into Kreft suspension. Or a second set of wheels. Faster USA, nice stuff for less money. But in the long run its a good product and if yout new to MX you will love it. It makes riding a manual easy.

    300 mods

    I ride in lots of sand and 14ft above sea level. 13/50 was a bit to low. Riding 14/50 now and it seems better in the sand and makes 1&2nd gear more usable.