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    2006 cr 250 questions?

    hey thanks for your replys! Is an air leak more likely to be from the carb side and not the head or barrel base? i would have thought coolant would also be leaking in if air would? Regarding the carb i thought its got to have something to do with the float as im sure alot of people leave their fuel taps on and if every bike in the world filled the crankcase with fuel then there will be alot of bikes not starting and there has to be a carb issue. could a float issue or needle issue cause the bike to go off on like its on wide open throttle! im just trying to gather as much info for when i go back to the bike. If there isn't a air leak is the only way it can go off like that be that the slide ( not sure if thats the correct term for it ) is open? throttle tube did have a slight bit of dirt in it so could have been that but not sure. i wish there was a way of having a push pull throttle fitted like 4 strokes do! Im mechanically minded so have no problem in doing the work myself but im a car mechanic and unless i have tech info for setting the carb up then im screwed! i think i may just give the carb to someone who knows their stuff about them or is it quite easy? Also it sucks being off work as i cant afford to fix the bike at the moment as my sick pay from work is getting stretched as far as possible so as soon as im back at work i can then get the bike fully sorted and hopefully get back out on her
  2. TrickyCR

    2006 cr 250 questions?

    Hey iv owned the bike now for 2 months and its being in my garage for over a month now, just sat looking sorry for itself as on only the second time out on it, the throttle stuck on and sent me flying over a burm and into a wood ( whitch hurt alot resuting in many hospital trips and a month of work so far ) now my friend rode the bike back to the paddock once id been taken to hospital and it was fine. when i got it back to mine my mate started it and it seemed fine. iv striped the whole carb and throttle mechnism down and nothing seems wrong??? i cant remeber if i left the fuel tap on for the first week as then the tank was taken off, then it was left for another 3 weeks and today the reeds were taken off so i could then see into the crank area and its full of fuel like the crank is submerged in fuel??? im confused as to why its full of fuel? is the only way its full because i left the fuel tap on? Next question is im going to be very nervous getting back on the bike without find anything wrong, can the only way a bike fly off like the throttle is wide open be if the slide in the carb is open?? is it possible for it to fly off even if this is shut?? like what else can cause a bike to fly off?? any idea would be great thanks