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    07 Toyota Tundra...Thoughts?

    I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra TRD double cab 4x4 5.7l. I bought it new off the show room floor 5 years ago, and racked up 100k miles on it. I paid $30k, 5 years ago. The power is amazing, and its a beefy, solid truck. I have owned trucks for the past 15 years, all domestic. This is my first import truck, and I will never look back. The engineering of this truck was years ahead of all other trucks. To date, after 5 years, and 100k miles, I have put zero dollars into maintenance other than changed the tires 1x and brake job 1x. She still feels as snappy today as the first day I took her home. I have put the truck through the ringer with multiple trips in sand, rough terrain, mud, snow, ice, etc. I'm also one to not be afraid to beat on a truck, and she has held up through all this. Can't say enough things about this truck. All my other domestic trucks by this time, I would have had to do bearings, front end work, seals, you know most of the things that wear out.
  2. marudach

    2011 TXC 449 Akrapovic

    Thanks jimmyc4 for your suggestion. I went back to the dealer and got the fuel map jumper. I now have the Akro installed and the performance is much better. I also plugged the o2 sensor. So here's what I did: 1. My neighbor volunteered to machine me a steel sleeve insert for my Akro exhaust to it fits snug over the lead pipe. 2. Went to the dealer and asked for the race map jumper for the Akro. 3. Akro came with a o2 plug bolt. 4. Install was not too bad but the middle bolt was kind of difficult. 5. Bike runs great now. Thanks everyone for your input. I helped me out ALOT! Here's a video to get an idea how it sounds. It's in the Michigan dunes. Yes we are noobs just having fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcMV2-2ZgQU&feature=youtu.be
  3. marudach

    2011 TXC 449 Akrapovic

    I bought my first Husky a couple weeks ago! I have a question. I got 2 exhaust pipes, the big ugly one that was installed on the TXC 449 and a Akrapovic exhaust in the box. I went to put on the Akrapovic and it appears its needs some type of spacer/gasket to connect to the lead pipe, and of course it did not come with it. I called the dealer, and explained the situation and they said they don't have anything like that. I search the interwebs high and low and haven't really found anything. I plan on calling Husky and/or Akrapovic on Monday to see if they can help as well. My next question is, do I need a new kit (power commander?) before I install? I asked around and I'm getting different answers and so I stumbled on this site, and it is GREAT! Thanks again.