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  1. furian350

    2011 350XC-F cold weather starting

    Problem fixed - took it in for valve adjustment and latest & greatest ignition remap. Starts great now when cold. Thanks for the info.
  2. furian350

    2011 350XC-F cold weather starting

    It has 77 hours and exactly 1,311 miles on it since March 2011 when I got it.
  3. I sometimes have trouble cold starting my 2011 350XC-F when the air temperature is 55 degrees or lower. For example when driving to my riding area in the morning and the bike has been sitting in the pickup with the cold air rushing over it. It only happens part of the time, other times it starts right up. The manual recommeds pulling the idol knob out to start in colder conditions. This works half the time, but not always. When its not working it takes many tries of the e-button to get it started. Once its warmed up, it runs and starts fine. Anyone else have problems with this? Or know how to get it started easily when the engine is very cold.