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  1. XRD4

    300 Pictures

    2015 XC-W, 4.7 on the meter. Got her Thursday. It really could pass for new. New to KTM (former Yammy pilot) and looking forward to a long relationship.
  2. XRD4

    Another Clarke tank rant

    I'm looking hard at the Acerbis.I actually think the goofy filler neck looks kind of cool. The price is right also. ZipTy wants $50 to ship to Georgia and I think that's ridiculous.
  3. XRD4

    Another Clarke tank rant

    Using original shrouds so that is not the issue. I know everyone sings the praises of the Zipty but since he doesn't offer free shipping that becomes an expensive undertaking for some of us. On a similar note I also meet guys with 3.2 IMS tanks that say it went right on with no problems or trimming either. Do I really need one? Probably not,I just like the idea of not worrying about fuel on some of my longer rides.I have a WR petcock installed but the stock tank is a bit skimpy at times.
  4. I know this has been bet to death,the oversize tank debate. I ordered a 3.2 Clarke for my 07 250 from RMATV a few months ago and could not for the life of me get the shroud holes to fit correctly.The top mount was honestly almost 1/2" off. Shrouds were bowed way too far out.No prob they gladly refunded my money. Well today I'm riding and I see a new 250X and a YZ like mine with Clarke tanks.The fit was absolutely perfect! No bulging,no weird bends,looked just like they came from the factory that way. Do you think they use multiple molds and some of them just aren't up to specs? I was so stunned by the fit that I forgot to ask where they got them. DOHH! You guys who say yours fit great,where did you get them.Maybe RMATV just has a warehouse full of the crap tanks. Just wondering....
  5. XRD4

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Needed new boots so I figured why not..........
  6. XRD4

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    I checked my valves,adjusted decomp lever a bit and put on a clean filter. Valves were spot on! Looking forward to my Black Friday ride!
  7. XRD4

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Got lucky with this one. Found it less than 10 miles from my house.First caller on Craigslist ad and it was mine.Super low hours,all original!
  8. XRD4

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Changed my jetting from 155/55 to 160/60 and drilled 3 Gordon Mod exhaust holes.Even without a fuel screw adjustment the difference is very significant. This is a wheelie machine now with no effort. I've owned 3 XR's,250,400 & 600r and these simple jetting and exhaust mods make each one a totally different machine.Gotta love these bikes!
  9. XRD4

    Honda XR400R 2002

    Sweet find after a long search!
  10. XRD4

    Finally a 400!

    Good to hear! I promised myself if I came across a stock one I would leave it alone. Now if I can just keep that promise! LOL!
  11. XRD4

    Finally a 400!

    LOL! It is a 2002,my bad. Old age is not kind sometimes.Really doesn't matter it's the same machine anyways.A quick question...does anyone out there ride a totally stock bike? I know from my other XR's rejetting opens a whole new bike but honestly even corked up this one is still a great woods bike.
  12. XRD4

    Finally a 400!

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to many seasons of fun!
  13. XRD4

    Honda XR400R (2002)


    Sweet find after a long search!
  14. XRD4

    Honda XR400R 2004

    Sweet find after a long search!
  15. XRD4

    Finally a 400!

    Not much at all! My jaw dropped when I pulled in his driveway.Gave her a good hard lookover,started easy,took it thru the gears,loaded up and left!