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  1. tonskiguy

    Service manual?

    Hi guys, I'm not really up on the DRZ 400, or this forum, so, I'm sorry if there is some rule about this. I've been searching for a shop manual to help get my son's DR-Z 400 S back together, He pulled the head and cylinder off a good year ago due to burning oil. It has about 8000 hard miles on it. Is there a good place to buy a shop manual that can be downloaded?
  2. Come on Randy, get out and ride that thing. I want to see some of your videos.
  3. tonskiguy

    Just bought a TE511

    The bike is way over-serviced with oil. This will cause the oil to be pushed thought the breather into the air cleaner, and dumping out on top of the engine. Run at 1/3 up the sight glass max. There are breather box mods out there that will allow you to run more quantity of oil. Get the aftermarket seat upgrade from Seat Concepts. My bike came with the power up plug from the dealer.
  4. tonskiguy

    86 XT350 Front Wheel Spokes

    Hi guys, new here, so sorry if I'm in the wrong area. I'm buying a used front wheel for my 86 XT350, but it has a couple of broken spokes, Does anyone have a couple of spares they'd be willing to sell, or know of a source? Yamaha only sells complete sets for $80 and I just don't want to spend that much additional money on this spare wheel. Any help is appreciated.