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  1. Don't want to start a new thread for this question, so Im just adding it on to this one. Anybody know what hubs are shared with an 06 KX250f?
  2. I'd really like to find somewhere to get this done. just trying to get over the $400+ price tag lol
  3. More woods than anything else. To do list seems to be keep getting longer...
  4. Is it alright to run a 5W 40 oil in these engines? What ratings does the oil need?
  5. I'll see if I can find a local shop that can help me out and get a price. How difficult is it to remove the front forks and rear shock? If I cant set something up revalve/shortening wise, Anybody have a lowering link suggestion and how they work? Adjust the front suspension?
  6. You guys just use the regular rotella in the white jug? I ran the T6 (blue jug) in my quad when I had it which is full synthetic. Not sure what kind of specs I should be looking for in an oil for this bike.
  7. I also want to ask about lowering links. Are they worth the money? Do they work well once installed? Do the affect the geometry with the front end enough to notice while riding? I have read a bit on them and it seems to be mixed opinions
  8. Thanks old_tri, gives me a sort of base point if I go looking for quotes. I was able to find a service manual for the bike that should help me set up the suspension Im hoping.
  9. Thanks Shawn. I'll look into the gasket and clutch plates. My exhaust has seen better days, so I'm looking to go aftermarket. Anybody have a slip-on and/or jetting recommendations? I think I am about 2200ft give or take Also. What's involved or the cost to get the suspension set up for my weight?
  10. I have on 06 and I want to get it in top shape and ready to put on a lot of miles this year. Was wondering if I could get some info and/or pointers on a few things I am considering. First, I have a couple very slow oil leaks. One is a fork seal, and the other seems to be from the head gasket area on the engine. Not concerned with the fork seal as that's relatively routine, but the engine one Im not real sure about. You can only real tell its leaking when dust sticks to it, but it seems to be coming out sort of close to those half circles near the top. Is this just remove the head and a single gasket to replace or could it be something else? Second, how difficult/expensive is it to replace the clutch plates? Is this usually the part that wears out in the clutch on these? Mine slips the odd time, but its only slightly so far. Lastly, I want to add a slip on pipe as my stocker is about done. Is there jetting recommendations for elevation/pipe somewhere? Sorry for all the questions at once, just thought it was easier to do it this way in one place.
  11. Thanks again. I'll keep an eye on it. Just lined up horribly being the Canada Day long weekend or I wouldn't even be bothering with riding it
  12. Thanks for the info. I ended up just ordering a new set, but they won't be here on time. There is so much water around here I'll probably just end up riding in fields, all the trails are flooded out. Do you think i should be alright air flow wise without them?
  13. Related question, is it alright to ride without the fins until new ones come in?
  14. Just wondering what year radiator fins would interchange with my 06 kx250f? I would prefer a black set off the newer ones if they fit. I would also be interested if someone has an extra set laying around that will work, white or black. EDIT: Title has the wrong part name in it... Sorry
  15. Josh, i was thinking about doing the carb, I have a service manual I just have never dealt with carbs much so I'm sort of hesitant to do it myself I did buy a larger pilot last year as suggested by a few other people but never got around to installing it. I want to say its a 45 but I'm not sure. Dragon I like to let my vehicles warm up as well, not sure if matters as much in the summer but it's just a habit I guess.