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  1. screech1

    CRF 450r build...

    Got the wheels on... Need to get a brake adapter bracket. But starting to look like a sm.
  2. screech1

    CRF 450r build...

    Ok. So do I have to have all of the parts the same or can I mix and match?
  3. screech1

    CRF 450r build...

    Awesome links! Thanks! Do I need a battery if I am only adding a low draw headlight and taillight ?? Couldn't it draw straight off the stator so it's only on when its running?
  4. screech1

    CRF 450r build...

    So I'm starting my build... Looking for insight on the build and curious how to set up the electrical system... First off the bike is a 07 crf450r I already am getting the wheels mocked up to the bike... Curious what the best stator is for a simple setup and how wiring it up for a headlight and taillight works... I will be putting sliders on the front and back axles.maybe shorties on the lower back seat portion. And maybe some type of slider/support up by the radiators... Is the best option for tail light to get a master from say a 450x so I have brake light control?? Got connections for powdercoating so it's definitely getting a bunch of color... Would like advice for sure...
  5. screech1

    Convert gasgas SM wheels to CRF

    So I bought a set of gasgas Supermoto wheels and I want to convert them to fit my 07 crf 450. What's my best option? Does anyone make a bearing conversion kit to use the gasgas hubs and bearings that would fit my crf?? Or should I try and get crf hubs and respoke the wheels to them? Looking for insight. Thanks ahead...
  6. But what is the purpose I that hole in the side of the head??
  7. Tell me what's happening here. After running it kinda hard.
  8. screech1

    07 CRF 450R Turbo Build

    so i talked to a buddy of mine and we have decided to try a pull thru design first. then we can use gravity feed still for the fuel. there is so much room where the air box is and im excited to start mocking things up!
  9. screech1

    07 CRF 450R Turbo Build

    Its happening! going to turbo the 450. looking for any advice relating to the 450 motor and boost. I have a turbo on my sled(carbed) and built the whole kit myself among other things, so boost is not new to me. Im using a G15 turbo and mounting it where the air box is, attempting to keep it all out of the way to have a normal tire in there... I must say this now, before people start bashing this. I am using this bike to power a timbersled mountain horse snow bike kit and as a supermoto in the summer. i understand how it wouldnt be very beneficial on the trails or the track. I am going to not use a fuel pump. The fuel will be pressurized off of the boost. (insert imagination here) the boost referenced off exhaust pressure and fuel pressure off boost. many may be skeptical but it will be attempted. like i said before the main purpose of this is for the snow bike aspect of it. i want to make the kit rideable for all seasons, so it will need to be compact and fit in the space that the air box takes up. also i will have to modify the piping but i would like to run the exhaust back out the stock muffler. Im kinda planning on making this a build thread so i can post as i go, but am open to ideas and thoughts about it. thanks!