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  1. Lair

    Barcia's Huge Triple Jump Case at Anaheim 2

    It will suck if he's lost the fire. I pegged him to win a few this year.
  2. Lair

    Time for Windham to hang it up

    I can't say that I blame him, but it makes me a little sad to think that he won't be on the gate. I've been watching him since he rode the 125 class. I'm going to drag out all the old VHS tapes and watch him start his career again. BTW, don't feel too bad for him. He'll have more time to spend with his wife & kids now, and that can't be a bad thing.
  3. Lair

    Erin Bates hot or not?

    I bumped into her on the way out of the ATL SX last year. She looks great in person. Of course, it makes a difference that I am tall enough to ride that ride.
  4. Lair

    Lets see your trail bikes

    '09 WR250F - the day I picked it up. Perfect choice for an old man who rides around in first gear.
  5. Lair

    Vintage KTM enduro

  6. Lair

    Who are the new kids this year?

    Sweet. Anybody else of note that's doing SX?
  7. I'm out of the Lites loop this year, and don't know who the new riders are in the class. Who are the 2013 rookies?
  8. Lair

    Atlanta Supercross Race questions

    Parking at the Dome can be a zoo. I usually get a room at the Omni and walk over. If you get there early Saturday, you can get a pretty choice spot for $20. Can't remember how much the deck parking costs, but it's probably your best bet.
  9. Lair

    Any Z50 geeks on board?

    Shoot me a PM if you need some links to parts sources.
  10. Lair

    Any Z50 geeks on board?

    Thanks! I've done around 20 of them, but only 5 or 6 were really done well. I sold that yellow one for $2200. Did this '73 and this blue '71 also. The blue '71 was a semi-custom resto with the wrong rear fender, wrong paint scheme, and 75cc big bore with an xr70 carb. Had an absolute blast with it after I spent an entire winter restoring it.
  11. Post some pics if you've restored any of the old Hondas. I've done a few - including this '71:
  12. Lair

    SL100 Paint?

    Those guys go all out on their restorations. I gave a couple of them the once-over at the Barber Vintage Festival. They're worth the crazy money they're asking. I recently found out that my uncle has my old SL100 that I rode 35+ years ago. I might try to talk him out of it so I can restore it.
  13. Lair

    North Alabama riders?

    I used to ride Skyline with the NATRA guys. Paul Traufler, Gordon, the Erics, and a handful of other guys used to meet in Huntsville and make the trek to Carter Mt. near Winchester. Skyline is epic riding. I just can't make that 3 hour trip these days. They were a great group of people to hang out with. I might join just so i can ride their Westpoint property. What's Stony Lonesome like? I've ridden past it a few times, but haven't checked it out.
  14. Lair

    1976 MR 175 Elsinore?

    The MT's were street legal "enduro" models. The CR's were MX bikes, and the MR Elsinores were woods/off-road only. I very much coveted a street-legal MR to match my CR125 Elsinore when I was in high school.