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  1. Oh righto I had top end done at 190
  2. Thanks for the tips. I had ridden through a puddle that day nothing major though. I have substituted a mates fuel tank to eliminate the fuel pump and filter. Will start with the tps and plug. Thanks for the help
  3. Wow 430 hours is some time on a top end.
  4. famo188

    Ohlins TTX shock

    Yes and also the ttx cartridges in the fork they are both &%$#@!ing amazing super plush with great bottoming resistance.
  5. Hi, I am having issues with my exc 350 it had a significant amount of hours on it and has recently played up. The issue started while riding, You could only hold the throttle on at about 1/4 throttle without severe bogging. Now the bike will start and idle fine but as soon as you crack the throttle it dies. I have searched the forum and have been reading up but can't seem to pin point the issue. I have changed the tanks inline filter, used fresh fuel, can hear fuel pump running and have bench tested it, injector looks to be unblocked from the naked eye and seemed to spray okay while cranking bike over, all fuses are intact , The FI light is on for the tps but I think that is because I took it off to clean it (my bad) as it wasn't on previously TIA
  6. hi, i have a 09 crf450 rebuilt about 10 hours ago top and bottem end. The problem i have is that occasionaly when kicking the bike over the kick is really soft as if its lost a lot of compression but it only happens every now and again then returns to what seems like normal kickstarting compression. the bike has not lost any power either.. would this be a valve problem? Any suggestions ? Thanks heaps