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  1. Will give this a try then. Would it be better to lean it out w the vortex instead?
  2. Jjust did this before post but no difference. Read this in the forums was going to give it a shot when I go out again. My problem is the engine wont even idle to warmp up. It just dies approx. 20 seconds after idle upon cold start. Maybe I just need to turn idle up more? Turned idle screw before post also but did not seem to have much effect on it. Ill try a few things tomorrow I guess. Gash I feel like a newb w this bike.
  3. Bought a 2017 husky fe501 after beimg off the bike for a few years. Ill make it short and sweet. Emissions gone, reeds gone, slip on fm, vortex installed. Bike has hard time turning over still and doesnt want to idle upon initial start. Vortex was set on 5.5.5. And I think it was on the "hot" setting maybe #5 which hadnt messed with until today. Switched to map #7. And it did run better upon first idle just not great. What are y'all running for your map settings on this vortex? And am I missing something? Bike is a little frustrating right now. Any good setup tips/videos got a better running rig?
  4. Thanks for the help man. Finally got valves adjusted to spec. Dunno if i was just off on my initial measurments or what was wrong. Alll is good now and bike runs good. The plus to all this is im crazy fast at valve adjujustments now lol. Thanks again for the help!
  5. Awesome!!
  6. Thank you much! Puts my mind at ease. Now just need to figure out what is wrong. Ill start out w just a tiny shim i guess. What does the decompress pin look like?
  7. ok question...Is that groove just there to let oil in and no piece is there??? If so I never knew this. Not 100% sure. Anyone shed light on this. After looking i cam across camshaft journal...?? And if that is true then I dunno wtf I'm doin wrong then..
  8. Sry to steal this pic from another user.\.. I believe that black half moon in the lower right corner is the ringx2 that i need.
  9. 2013 kx250f. Alright ya'll was checking my valve clearances today. 12 hrs after a fresh rebuild. Well everytime i put the camshaft cover on and torque the 8 bolts I would recheck the valve clearances again. Well the exhaust valves would always be way too tight on the r side and loose on left. Long story short, I saw that I was missing two rings that go in the base of the cylinder head. I must have lost them during the rebuild and forgot to put them back in.. Luckily nothing broke yet. I'm having a hard time finding the part # anywhere. Anyone have any idea on this? Can i get the actual rings that sit on the camshaft and just cut them down to size if i can't find them? Do not know if the curve is the same though. look below for parts I'm talking about. the little circular groove right behind bottom screw hole. And there is one on top too. These are the two rings I'm missing.
  10. Intake was real tight.
  11. THe manual's diagram sucks balls. I think I got it all routed right and figured out.
  12. Bump for tips. Gettin anxious may just start connectin. Jyst dont wanna short sumtn
  13. No problems with durability. Shifting could be better. 40 hrs on 2013. Just adjust valves and put in wiseco piston for maintenance. Motor is solid
  14. First I would tear that engine apart and look at piston and cylinder to determine the shape of the engine. Then of course check all bearings. Make sure everything is in good shape before u start throwing money into parts then have the motor blow up on u now u cant ride ay all
  15. Anyone have a few shots of where all the wiring connectors plug into? Seems easy but dang lots of wires on these bikes. Some are simple but dont want to plug wrong connector in place or try to force one in. #bonehead