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  1. Texas

    Looks great.
  2. Texas

    Free is good. Thanks! Terrain sounds fun, too. I'll have to check it out in the near future. Who owns the property where you can ride for free? Do you know?
  3. Texas

    I emailed them and, yes, you can ride there, but at minimum you need to rent a storage unit there for $75 a month (more, of course, for larger storage units) in order to have rightful access to the property for riding. That's how I understood their reply, anyway. 175_lover, is that your understanding?
  4. Texas

    Thanks. I tried GSL a couple of weeks ago. Not bad, but yeah, more cut trails would be good. Keep hearing about Zar's ranch but don't know if I ride enough to make it worth the membership fee. Can you really ride dirt bikes at Emma Long? Went to their site and didn't see any bikes on it. I probably will check out Cycle Ranch sometime. Hidden Falls, too.
  5. Texas

    I'm near 1604 and Bandera.
  6. Texas

    What about GSL Ranch? Anyone tried there?
  7. Texas

    Thx, looks like a great place. But I was thinking somewhere more like an hour's drive.
  8. Texas

  9. Point taken, but can't afford to also have a street bike right now.
  10. And that's coming from a Californian. Thx.
  11. Thx, guys! Appreciate the pointers.
  12. Thx. That reminds me, I couldn't find a PSI recommendation on the tires themselves. What is it usually? 30-40 PSI?
  13. Hey, everyone. Just bought one of these from a private party last weekend; it's in great shape and I'm very excited. What do y'all think are the top 3 things I should do? I'm thinking: Empty fuel tank and fill with fresh premium fuel Change oil with high-quality synthetic Clean and re-oil air filter Flush coolant and re-fill with Engine Ice OK, that's 4. Thoughts? Thanks!
  14. Kinda what I thought. Not a deal-breaker. Was just wondering.
  15. Hey, just got one of these today. Can you make them street legal? Just curious. Thanks!