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  1. Thank you. that makes me feel better. I wonder what the issue was? The Choke lever appears to be bent...it still seams operational. Would that cause any issues?
  2. 2003 WR450F Just got the bike back from the Yamaha Dealer. The fixed my jetting issue and installed an adjustable air screw. They told me the bike was basically overflowing with oil, so they drained it and put in fresh oil. Today I went riding. It started right up. I rode it down to the trail. The exhaust was popping on deceleration. Then the bike died. I tried to restart, it stared and them died. repeat twice. I checked the oil filler cap on the crank case, and there is NO OIL. When I get the bike home, I double check the crankcase with my flashlight, and yep, it's still empty. I check the Oil Tank Plug (the one in the frame with the dipstick) and it shows fresh oil at a proper level. I am new to this bike and have not changed the oil before. Can someone explain to me if the bike has the appropriate amount of oil? Also, if this is an oil issue, how screwed is the engine? Thanks, Aaron
  3. tank3d

    Does this sound like a jetting issue?

    Leardriver, Thanks for all the info. I have used this dealer a lot in the past for my quads. They re-jetted my quads before, specifically for more power and riding at the beach and throughout Oregon. They definitely will not just switch them to stock. They will do a good job. Of course, if they don't, the work is warrantied.
  4. tank3d

    Does this sound like a jetting issue?

    I gave up and took it to the yamaha dealer. They will properly jet and tune the bike with a new adjustable fuel screw for 150 + parts.
  5. tank3d

    Does this sound like a jetting issue?

    Leardriver, can you reach other jets, besides the main jet with the method?
  6. tank3d

    Does this sound like a jetting issue?

    Also, the exhaust (head pipe) is super hot. Riding in shorts, it burns my leg even from a distance.
  7. 2003 WR450F - Uni filter, FMF powercore. This bike is new to me and is from Arizona, I am in Oregon. The previous owner said he had the carb rebuilt in Oregon, but didn't ride the bike. I have no idea how the bike is jetted. When I ride the bike, I can feel the bike surging and the exhaust will pop sometimes. This happens primarily when cruising...keeping the throttle in the same position, trying to maintain the same speed. It seems to go away when under a load (uphill), or when accelerating. The exhaust will pop while decelerating, or after letting off the throttle after winding up the rpm's. What do you think?
  8. tank3d

    2003 WR450F Broken part...what is it?

    Thanks! I will try. Would this cause any issues or be noticeable in how the bike runs? Is JB Weld different than superglue?
  9. tank3d

    2003 WR450F Broken part...what is it?

    try this link for a pic http://eugene.craigslist.org/mat/3234180200.html
  10. OK....I have a pic, but have no idea how to upload it here. the broken part is on the carb...directly to the right of the choke knob...where 2 plastic hoses come together and go into the carb. one hose goes straight up, and the other hose goes to the right and then turns downward. the plast part the connects them is broke. it basically looks like this |_ could someone tell me what it is called so i can order a new one...also what does it do? big deal? thanks, Aaron
  11. After buying a YZ450F and finding out the hard way it is terrible for slow trail riding, I bought a 2003 WR450F. When I checked it out, it felt a little tall for me, but the area was not flat so I didn't think much of it. I am 5'11" and weight 290. I got these measurements for the bike. Static seat height for the WR from ground to lowest point on seat=38.5"...the manual says the stock seat height is 39.3" My 2005 YZ450F's manual says the seat height should be 39.3"...but it is measuring a much more comfortable 36.5"...and does not appear to have a lowering link. SAG Measurements: Unloded Measurment 24.5" Loaded Measurement 18.25" Sag=6.25" It looks like there is plenty of room for adjustment either way with the spanner nuts. My problem is that while I can sit on the bike comforably (not flat footed, but on the ball of my feet), when I have to put one foot down on a trail (to regain my balance) usually with the bike leaning one way or the other, the bike's suspension extends so much so that it can knock me off balance. When I was riding the YZ, is didn't act like this. How would I adjust the bike so that is doesnt try to push me over like this? Thank you for your suggestions...please no fat jokes