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  1. Thanks for that. Thats now making me wonder if thts why the bike is such a good price.... Allways liked Kawa's though and i don't mind getting my hands dirty if it needs work. Most of the H&H i did last year though were pretty nadgery with large tree sections in them, so the over heating could be an issue. Marv.
  2. Hi, got the chance of a Kawasaki KXF 250 2005 at the right price. My question is how suitable would it be for H & H scrambles. I'm quite new to the game after coming off a road/track bike, did a few h&h last year on an xr 250 which wasn't really up to it, but i enjoyed it anyway. Just wondered if anyone had an opinion on using mx bikes for enduros, and what mods i would have to do to this one to make it more suitable.(gearing/flywheel?) I'm 43, 100kg (don't know what that is in pounds!) and reasonably fit. Used to ride mx as a youth, but spent most of my riding life on road or track. I'm in it for the fun really with my friends so not too serious but i don't want to buy something thats going to be a pain to ride. All coments welcome, thankyou. Cheers, Marv.
  3. Tried him at £550 and got a definate NO! His loss, I'll keep looking!!
  4. Thought so, think I'll give this one a miss!!
  5. Hi, just wondering if this was worth a punt. What sort of job would it be to put this right again? Expensive/Difficult? Or replace whole lot. Comments welcome thanks. Marv.
  6. I use a Forcefield back protector with my track bike. All i can says is its ULTRA comfy! Better than any i've used before, its very slim and after a while your body heat makes it sort of mould to your back and its totally unrestrictive. Cant speak for the crash protection, cos thankfully i have'nt binned for a while, but i did chose it in the first place through recomendations and reviews about its saftey rating. Use 'knox' protection on the dirt bike, as I wasn't aware Forcefield did mx stuff so i may be swapping soon!
  7. Good vid of how it was!! I'm in there somewhere.
  8. Wow, thanks for the info Gary Realy helpfull. I've read it through twice now and there is a lot of stuff in there that makes a lot of sense, thank you. I know i'm sort of doing the right things, so hearing it from the experts will now give me a bit more confidence to do it better. Cheers, Marv.
  9. So yeah, i'm in there somewhere!!
  10. Know what you mean, momentm is king! Interesting about balancing the throttle, i had it wide open all the time and i guess that was loosing me traction. Slightly less would've allowed the back wheel to grip more. More practice needed i think, Thanks for responses, Marv.
  11. Just back from todays hare scramble, and i'm absolutely beat. I would say 50% of the race was me attempting, along with alot of other riders, to pull my bike out of deep mud. I wasn't doing too bad till' a guy stopped in front of me and that was it. But while I spent the next happy half hour heaving/swearing/spitting mud and bent double in shear exaustion, I took a look at some of the experts who were coming round to lap us. I know you've got to really commit, pick your route and pin it in a higher gear, which like I said was sort of working but those guys just seem to make the bike float, perfect balance and minimum of fuss. A lot of this will be down to confidence and practice I suppose, but i was just wondering how any of you tackle mud generally (theres a lot of it over here at the moment!), and any tips. I also noticed the more I leant back on the pegs, the more difficult it was to balance. Is there an ideal position? Or do I need simply to grow a bigger pair??! Marv.
  12. Sorry to dissapoint, hetro male!!! Know what you mean about leanding your bike though. Once lent my gsxr to a guy who was a friend of a friend on a track day who's own bike was having problems, only for him to return it after a session saying it had a 'bit of a rattle'...... To be fair he did see me right, but i'm a lot more cautious these days!!
  13. hmm possessive type, I like that!
  14. Just East of York!$#@!2orXE5o
  15.$#@!2orXE5o Think this is it!