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    dirtbiking, snowboarding, riding, wakeboarding, fixing all of my toys
  1. Shinyboat

    02 XR650R random noise & binding in kickstarter

    Mine has done it for a few years too and never went away. Its just something I got used to and never seemed to cause any real problems.
  2. Shinyboat

    Alaska Fairbanks Riders?

    I just moved to Fairbanks from Anchorage. Are there any fellow riders up here?
  3. Shinyboat

    Winter bike's ready and she's got traction!

    How do you tighten a lock nut onto a carraige bolt. I tried and the square portion of the bolt doesn't bit into the rubber and just spins
  4. Shinyboat

    400mi ride through the Alaska Range (new pics)

    Wild Alaskan- Do you leave the bike as a moto bike all the time or do you throw knobbies on it? I have a plated xr650r and have a both dot knobbies and street slicks. I've been living in Anchorage since January with a little time last summer and am still looking for some good guys to ride with on the trail, dual sport, whatever.
  5. Shinyboat

    Alaska dirtbikes

    I've been riding up here on my plated xr650r a few times and I've found a bunch of places that look like they have potential. I've spent quite a bit of time riding to a semi-local glacier. I'd like to go check them out, but haven't yet. Give me a pm when you get here. I wanna do a bunch of riding in July and August!
  6. Shinyboat

    any Alaskans out there???

    Kone- I'm back. I moved back up in January after spending the summer up here. Although, I spent most time riding with the "KTM boys" last summer, they don't want to ride until the ice goes away. Are you making any winter/early spring trips? -shinyboat xr650r
  7. Shinyboat

    Newish rider in the area

    I am who you want to talk to. I am a Senior in Civil Engineering at WSU. I ride a XR650R with a WA plate everywhere. In the past, I have ridden once a week until snowfall makes travel hard. There is incredible, endless riding 30-45 miles away. I've been to McCroskey, Gold Mountain, Bald Mountain, Laird Park, Elk River, etc. I've got trail and topo maps. Most of my buds have graduated already so I am in the market for new riding buddies. Let me know if you'd like to go riding! I can generally go all day Thur/Sat and Sun morning. -Aaron 425-941-6578
  8. Shinyboat

    Anyone ride in Moscow/Pullman area!?

    As far as I know East Moscow Mountain is closed. The forest companies don't want you riding out there. I am not entirely sure if it is legal/illigal to ride their land.
  9. Shinyboat

    Anyone ride in Moscow/Pullman area!?

    If you are on facebook, here is a group I started 2 years ago. I've ridden with a few of the guys on it. Get your bike out there. Even if you don't have transport once you are out there, there are usually others with trucks. We have a great time riding out there! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2211167642
  10. Shinyboat

    any Alaskans out there???

    I just got to Anchorage from Seattle for the summer. I ride a plated XR650R and will ride anything. I would love to go riding with some of you since I don't know anyone!
  11. Shinyboat

    Beverly Dunes to the Saddle Mtns

    I agree there is no real way up from Beverly Dunes. I just rode it this weekend. There is a way up from the dunes on the west end of the Saddles next to the highway next to the river. It is a nice tough hillclimb. Doable, but not for the faint of heart. You need a good tire to make it through all the loose rock.
  12. Shinyboat

    Anyone ride in Moscow/Pullman area!?

    I am down for DSing. I have a plated XR650R. I am trying to get a second set of rims to run more street oriented tires. My current knobbies are legal but they are kinda sketchy and wear fast. I am going riding to Mattawa on Saturday afternoon or or Sat/Sunday. It will be open desert, rocks, sand, and maybe some dunes. Interested? PM with your phone #.
  13. Shinyboat

    Anyone ride in Moscow/Pullman area!?

    Punk RedRider. You're just jealous that I still had awesome fun in 18" of fresh powder today at Silver Mountain and we didn't go riding! It is a good thing we didn't because the roads were nasty last night and this morning and they are salting the roads. The snow is relentless!
  14. Shinyboat

    Anyone ride in Moscow/Pullman area!?

    I go to WSU. Last Fall I rode nearly every weekend. We are going to have troubles this Spring due to the insanely heavy snowpack that is still increasing. Most of my buddies graduate in May, so I will be in the same boat soon. I ride a WA plated XR650R and I enjoy trails, dual sporting, dunes, desert, snow, etc. I keep up with motocross bikes in the woods. What are you on? PM me your phone number and we'll hook up and ride one of these days.