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    Rear shock and jetting question

    Hello! In June I bought a 2004 DRZ-S, July 4th I did my road test and passed, but July 5th I found myself spending my summer like this: Alright, so it was a planned surgery, but 8 weeks in a cast means I have done zero riding this season. Shortly after buying my bike and taking the course my husband decided he wanted to learn to ride too and he has been riding my bike. Anyway, he has been tinkering with it and told me that on the rear shock "the low speed adjustment has no stops" apparently it still clicks, but has no stops. Do you know if it can be taken apart and fixed or where to get a new one? Also, when I got the bike it came with a muffler that had all of the stuffing ripped out (wow, that was really loud), I found a stock muffler and put it on the bike. Now, the bike doesn't run as well. My husband covered up the 3x3 mod and it runs much better now. Could this be a jetting problem or something else like a dirty carburetor? You may have guessed by now I am not super mechanical, but I am learning! As soon as I get back on my feet I'll be making my way through the common maintenance thread. Thanks for any help, SB