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  1. Regenerex

    2013 yz250 trail mods

    A fly wheel weight may help also, same with the Rekluse. I've never tried one, but a lot of people on here swear by them. I have the exact same bike, with a fatty and shorty pipe, stock gearing, and had no problem lugging it the woods or ripping the Mx track, just make sure your suspension and jetting is setup properly first!
  2. Regenerex

    Are these gains reasonable..?

    I figured most of it was a little over exaggerated, but some of the big mods such as the RB head and carb mods seem pretty interesting, Gonna need a new top end this year anyway so I may give it a go. Also, what about the 295/325/345 big bores? Would they make the old smoker be a little "Too much" for the Mx track? I was hopping to be able to keep up with the 450's next season, so would a 55hp goal be reasonable? I already have a Fmf Fatty and shorty. I know HP isn't everything, but would it be achievable with these mods without running race gas? (I never run anything but 97)
  3. Regenerex

    Are these gains reasonable..?

    Found this website the other day, some of these power claims seem a little out of wack! I mean, 3hp gain from using a specific type of oil? Idk what do you guys think? http://yz250-horsepower.700hp.com
  4. No attention huh!? Welcome back.
  5. Regenerex

    Yamaha's 2014 2 stroke lineup!

    .................... But honestly, I'm a little thankful that Yamaha never updated the 2014, because if they did, I'd feel like an idiot for not waiting a few extra weeks. Already made that mistake when I got my WR450F, 2 months later the FI one came out.
  6. Guess what guys!.. Yamaha released their new 2014 2 strokes! But here's the best part, NO CHANGES! No EFI, no new plastic design.. NOTHING!! On a more serious note, here's the link: http://www.yamaha-motor.ca/products/list.php?group=MC&catId=80 I love how they put "New" after the Yzf's, but not the Yz's, Oh well, better luck next year guys!! -R
  7. Regenerex

    New Yz fouling plugs

    Haha! Will do!!
  8. Regenerex

    New Yz fouling plugs

    I'm in Newfoundland. (And my local dealer kinda sucks, so..) Gnarly Parts and Canada motorcycles don't have any jets for the YZ. I'm not sure where else to look. If anyone knows a site, please let me know!!
  9. Regenerex

    New Yz fouling plugs

    *UPDATE: Bikes been running great since I went to a 48 pilot. But there's a new problem... For some reason, every time I start the bike up and let it warm up, It fouls a plug. Choke or no choke, letting it idle or burping it. Nothing works. But after I swap in a new plug, the bike is fine for the rest of the day! Starts up every first or second kick, but loves to smoke when its cold. Did a little searching and come up with 2 problems.. 1) My pilot is still too rich.. 2) My crankshaft seal is leaking. My dealer doesn't have a 45 pilot for my bike, and I can't find a site where I can order one without paying $35 for shipping. (I live in Canada). Does anyone know where I can order one? Also, anyone else have an idea on what the problem could be? I'm going to bring the bike to the local dealer and get the mechanic to look over the bike. What should I tell him to check? Thanks!
  10. Regenerex

    New Yz fouling plugs

    I run BR8EG's, but yeah it was jetting, Switched to a 48 pilot last night, and went riding today, bike ran great! Burned an entire tank with no more fouling! That being said, I ran the bike much harder today, then the last few days. I'm gonna order a 45 pilot and try that too! Thanks guys!
  11. Regenerex

    New Yz fouling plugs

    Thanks for the help guys! I'm gonna try a 48 tomorrow, and depending on how that works, I might try a 45 afterwards. I'll also check and see if the float height is alright, and then i'll play with the air screw. I'll post my results. Thanks again.
  12. Regenerex

    New Yz fouling plugs

    Yamalube 2R at 32:1. Tried 40:1 afterwards, still fouled.
  13. Regenerex

    New Yz fouling plugs

    RiderX, I actually live at the same altitude as you, but don't you run a EG bigbore? And people in the jetting data base that are around the same altitude are running 172-175 main(Which seems a little too lean to me), and 45-48 pilots. I'm not sure where to start.
  14. Regenerex

    New Yz fouling plugs

    Switched over to 2 stroke last Saturday and got a 2013 Yz250. Broke the bike in the same day, and I have to say, I love the bike! I doubt I will ever go back to 4 stroke. Next day I road it, I fouled 3 plugs in one day! No spooge, but a lot of smoke coming out the exhaust, even when warmed up. Next day I installed my forth plug, and tried running 40:1, instead of 32:1, still fouled. Tried messing with the airscrew and I noticed it was turned out over 3 turns from all the way in, So I guess it needs a smaller pilot? Has anyone had this problem with their new Yz's? Thanks.
  15. Regenerex

    11' WR450 Clutch issues?

    Alright, so the clutch problem was just that I never had the bike running in a while, but the only thing that's scaring me is that the Rental front sprocket I received, doesn't have the spline thingy on it to bend the washer, like the stock one. Is this okay? I don't want it to come flying off while riding.