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  1. Trails were great except for the Kelly's pond routes. Hopefully next week the Forest will remain open!
  2. I try to go every weekend. Same as the other reply, there always people especially during weekends. Weekdays is a little different.
  3. Sorry to ruin your plans but the forest is closed (too wet). Call them before you ride, 936 344 6205 option 2.
  4. I also went during the week anticipating the rain closure. Trails were excellent! Found a few hunters on the way ( west side) but great riding overall.
  5. as the forest is in 'rest mode', does anyone know about other place(s) to ride besides getting into a mud fest with ATVs at known mud parks?
  6. riding was great yesterday. a few trees down but those only that added to the fun. it is still a little wet but nothing unmanageable!
  7. Austin it is!
  8. should the path to fun be opened, I am up for a ride!
  9. I am planning on going as well. I was thinking about the east side at 9:30 am. let me know
  10. I am new in the area. do you where I can find a map of the trails either PDF or for a GPS? thanks!