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  1. racerkid1221

    05 cfr250 help please

    ok thanks i checked the exhaust valves and they were .010 and .016 not sure how to do the intake valves so havent done them yet
  2. racerkid1221

    arenacross tires ?

    i am going to run some indoor races wondering what tires would be the best for a hard packed track (like concrete) lol
  3. racerkid1221

    05 cfr250 help please

    maybe a hot start issue ?
  4. racerkid1221

    05 cfr250 help please

    i have and 05 crf250 i just cleaned the carb on it, i kick it prolly 100 times and it will start and run just fine, i shut it off and instantly kick it, it fires back up in one kick, i let it sit for 5 mins after running for 30 mins it will start in one kick, i let it sit for about 15 mins or let it cool it wont start without kicking it another 100 times, any help or ideas will be great thanks
  5. racerkid1221

    2012 crf250r exhaust question

    would one of those FMF programmers get the job done ?
  6. i just bought a 2012 crf250r and i am new to the fuel injection world, i am going to buy a yoshi full system for it i am wondering what else i would have to do to it would i have to buy a programmer or have it remapped kinda lost? any help would be apperciated