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  1. Alright. I've learnt some good stuff here. Are the 97 XR250R forks cartridge forks? (the best, apparently) Or are they on later models than a 97?
  2. That's 1986-90 XR200 suspension right?
  3. So what's the recommended shock? The 84-85 shock?
  4. OK.... that helps. Is 4" to the seat height too much? Or will that affect handling if it is installed? And won't the shock compress when I sit on the seat, lowering the seat height?
  5. Yes, I know, this topic has been relived many times before. But I just can't seem to find the information I'm looking for. I have a 1997 XR200R, and I've been reading around many, many forums that say I can bolt a 1984-85 XR250R front end and rear shock straight onto my 200 no worries at all.. I have been looking around the world wide web and stumbled across a 1997 XR250R front end and rear shock availiable to purchase. They are cheap enough, but I am worried though that the XR250R shock might be too long, and the front end might be too new to bolt straight on. All the forums I am reading don't say anything about XR250R forks above 1991. Will the 97 XR250R parts be compatible with my 97 XR200R? or do I need to find a 84-85 model shock and front end? Any help would be gladly apprieciated.