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    I wasn't to concerned about the tank as I am led to believe the YZ tank is smaller? I was just looking to offload my headlight and tail light/indicators...
  2. TheYamahaBloke


    Hey all, wasn't real sure if this question has been asked or not, if so. Sorry. But anyways, I have a 2000 WR400 and was wondering if the 2000 YZ400 plastics will fit? Are any modifications required? Cheers, Jesse
  3. TheYamahaBloke

    Yamaha Issue

    Will do, thanks mate!
  4. TheYamahaBloke

    Yamaha Issue

    Sorry for the late reply, It just cuts out and it is just after I let off the throttle.
  5. TheYamahaBloke

    Yamaha Issue

    Hi folks, Started having problems with my WR recently, cutting out while riding as if someone hit the kill switch and sometimes not starting at all. Other than that its running perfectly! I've checked the airbox for the sake of it and theres nothing wrong there, getting fuel, no water in the carby. Recently got a new sparky. It's a '00 WR400f. Thoughts? Cheers, Jesse