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    New brake hose - Will this fit?

    Not really wanting to mess about if its not going to work, does any one know for sure if brake hoses are generic and if I will need any differnet banjo fittings etc
  2. After riding my Klx 140 this week end it is apparent the stock brake hose with a yz 85 front end and wide bars is just a little too short and is rubbing on the front number board and coming out of the locator on the fork gaurd. I have a brand new goodridge braided steel front brake hose from my old RMZ race bike, would this fit as it seems a shame to buy on if this will work.
  3. simpyboy

    Help Required KLX 140

    Thanks cody I am using Putoline Offraod 4 Semi Synthetic 10w-40 which i can get for a decent price from my local mx shop The hard starting and poor running issues seem to have ironed themselves out abit now I have had it running a bit and serviced it. I will put a new plug in before I ride it at the weekend and see how it performs. The bike had been modded by an MX dealer for a friend of his who I bought the bike from. He had used it as an ornament and dint really know what had been done and what hadnt so when it came to the jetting etc he couldnt tell me if it had been altered from standard or not so could be why it is abit lean. I know there are loads of threads on this but what jets should I run for UK climate (Similar to Washington/Oregon) with only a aftermarket exhaust? Also my front brake hose is abit short unless I slip the fork tubes up in the clamps to lower the front end. Can I run a Kx85 hose with my Klx Master Cylinder and Caliper or do I need the full front brake? Thanks Ryan
  4. Hi all, After quiting racing MX but not being able to live without riding I have recently picked up a KLX 140L, quite a trick bike with Kx/Yz 85 forks, Kx 85 Small Wheels, Bud clamps, Renthal fat bars, Custom FMF Titanium Exhaust and a few other bling parts. I am waiting on delivery of a service manual but want to get on with servicing the bike and getting it ready to ride as the previous owner used it twice in 4 years its safe to say it could do with a fettle before I go out and give it some stick. Main question is what is the best option with oil? 10 - 40 Semi Synthetic? Also the bike is a bit of a biach to start, it requires a knack of having the correct amount of choke on and turning the engine over while feathering the throttle. It runs ok then but cracks and pops when I turn the choke off before settling down but seeming to run abit hot and down on power. Normal or not? Dont want to go damaging it if its not running right. Last thing, being in the UK I am struggling to find anyone who imports parts for these bikes. I want a ali' throttle tube, much heavier shock spring and possibly and exhaust so any pointers to UK impoters of BBR or similar would be great Thanks Ryan