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    Drz212cc build

    I'm looking into using a Hyosung 4v Head, and GSX-R 600 piston (67mm), with the 7mm crank pin (the crank pin I was not aware of, 'til I read this) to give 221cc. However, I didn't see the appropriate size pin on Akunar - the 7mm pins all seem to be too big. Can you point me in the right direction? Also, can anyone advise on the outer diameter of the cylinder liner at its slimmest, at the bottom of the barrel? Many thanks. Gaz
  2. Crofty

    Drz212cc build

    A great build, and a great source of info, its nice to see it done, rather than speculated on. I have three questions, though. The 125 Cylinder had to be re-sleeved, is that right? Also, where do you get stroker pins from? Over here in the U.K., I cant find any info at all. Lastly, what was involved in splitting the big end bearing? Thanks.