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    1986 XT350 Fork Oil Quantity and/or Level

    No argument from me there. On that '86 Concours, I found that my ride into work in the early a.m. The front suspension worked well for what it was. Coming home in the late afternoon was a different matter. After sitting out in the parking lot under the hot summer sun, the bike rode harsh. Just for S&G's, I pulled the Schrader valve from the one tube where it was mounted. OMG, what a difference. The front end was much more compliant to pavement joints and the bike just seemed to float over them with ease. Not that I am an expert rider by any stretch, pulling the valve didn't seem to affect the bike's handling when pushed up in the mountains. I remembered that little trick with my '02 KLR. Each tube has a Schrader valve, not for injecting air, but to relieve pressure. I noticed that the front end would become a little harsh after being hammered when riding off-road. Periodically bleed off the built pressure and the forks would work a whole lot better for a period of time. Which got me to thinking (dangerous). I removed the valves from each tube, connected them together to a tee with some flexible tubing, then ran the output of the tee into a vented “catch can” made from a pill bottle with a small bleed hole in the cap. http://gbyoung2.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/KLR-Stuff/i-nqXSPLP/0/XL/KLR forks 001-XL.jpg Works great, and the ride is much more enjoyable. My story and I'm sticking to it. :-)
  2. gbyoung

    1986 XT350 Fork Oil Quantity and/or Level

    Thank you very much. This pretty much tells me what I need to know and will pass along the pressure info to the owner. 17 psi seemed really high to me. I had an older Concours ('86) and the max. pressure on them was 7 psi.... and that was split between both legs by way of a crossover tube. Thank you again. Guy
  3. I am replacing the fork seals on a fella's 1986 XT350, but he has no Manual. Therefore, can someone please tell me the correct quantity and/or level per leg for this bike? Also, he told me the air pressure for the forks was 17psi. Having had another bike that had pressurized forks, that sounded pretty high to me. What is the max. pressure for the forks on this bike? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. gbyoung

    CRF250X Valve Problems

    Not my bike, but a customers. Also, I can't see buying an entire shim kit not knowing if I'll ever see another CRF250X in my shop.... or one that uses the same shims. Local dealer had the shims I needed for the exhaust, so they're back in spec. Got the thinest ones they had to sort out the intakes, and now know what I need to put them back in spec. Will pick them up tomorrow. Customer has already indicated the bike will be on the market once I get it running and back in his hands. Save for the obvious valve issue, it's really a nice clean bike and he said he'd probably be asking $2000 for it. Think he has his eyes on a 450.
  5. gbyoung

    CRF250X Valve Problems

    Think that's what I am going to have to do. Customer brought in a 2006 CRF250X that wouldn't start after they shut it off. Supposedly, it was running fine prior to shutting it down. Checked the spark, looked wimpy to me, but we moved on. With a cold engine, it would barely pump up to 15psi when I ran a compression check. Unfortunately, my leak-down tester adapter wouldn't fit down in the plug well, so I went ahead and pulled the valve cover to check the clearances. Exhaust valves were about .002" below minimum spec. Intakes I couldn't begin to even get my smallest feeler gauge (.0015") in there. I hate to buy shims I really don't need, but think I'm gonna have to start at square one as you suggest (smallest available) and work up from there. Since I am an independent shop, I really don't have a rapport with the local dealer but may try to swap out the existing shims once I figure out what I need. Good advice. I figured I might have to do something like this, but just wasn't sure where to start. Will pass along my game plan to the customer and we'll go from there. I'll also pass along your comment about the valves for the long term. I suspect he'll want to dump the bike once I get it running.
  6. gbyoung

    1991 DR350S Fork Oil

    Replacing the seals on a customer's 1991 DR350S and need to know what volume of fork oil per leg I need to add. Also, fork oil level would also be helpful. Thank you.