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  1. Gilkerson

    Extreme riding, old school style

    Goofing around with a friends '83 XR200 in '94 at Happy Ramblers MX track in Pa.
  2. Gilkerson

    Riding around Grand Junction?

    Yes, one, plus there's endless open terrain all around that track. Bring your bike.
  3. Gilkerson

    Extreme riding, old school style

    I think I remember that middle one as an '83 Maico 250. The cylinder fins were different from the 490.
  4. Gilkerson

    Vintage Pics!

    We also had the DR but it was in enduro/playbike trim like the XR's. Did you have those in the early to mid '80's?
  5. Gilkerson

    how mental is this guy

    Wow, forgot all about that post. I figured it would be a made for tv movie, not the big screen.
  6. Gilkerson

    Extreme riding, old school style

    Nice pic..."84 CR500 maybe?
  7. Some vintage trail bike air... Vintage pig air, the landing for this double is just off the page.
  8. Not the best deal but worked out pretty good. Bought a used '85 KLR 250 in '86 with 800 miles on it in excellent condition for $1200, a new one was about $2000. Rode the royal piss out of it for 4 years, even rode it 40 miles to a motocross and raced it with the mirrors, turn signals and license plate still on and rode it home. Sold it in '90 for what I paid for it..$1200.
  9. Free...a friend gave me his '81 YZ 125 and a matching parts bike, he hadn't ridden it in years and wasn't into the vintage thing. It's in great condition and I've raced it for the last four years with no major problems.
  10. Gilkerson

    Extreme riding, old school style

    Nice find. Some useless trivia, I remember reading an article around 1989 about Micky riding dirt bikes with Tommy Lee from Motley Crue, he said that he would help Tommy with his riding and Tommy would help Micky with his drumming.
  11. Gilkerson

    Bikes you rode and sold?

    '89 ATK 406, motor ran like a detuned 250, WP forks were kinda harsh and I had no confidence in the handling, although the rear suspension was great, I tinkered with this bike constantly and never felt comfortable with it. Then, the first guy who answered my ad to sell it came over, didn't want to start it or ride it, he just gave me the cash and took off, good ridance...and I made $200 more than what I paid for it.
  12. Gilkerson

    best roosting pic.

    Vintage foot roost...me '85. An old friend in the dez circa 2000.
  13. The '85 500 was water cooled, I think your talking about the older 495's. I had a couple of 250 KTM's in the 80's and I could never get used to that left side kick...
  14. OK, I'll bite on this one. Straight up front, IMO, I think you should pull the trigger on the '09 KTM. I'm sure your CR feels good in the woods and the GG has potential, but the newer KTM is going to feel pretty darn good all around, I've ridden a couple of '09 KTM's. One of the things about the '01 GG that not many riders understand is that they were a little ahead of their time back then, but not enough ahead of their time to ride as good as an '09 KTM. If it helps any hdr, I'm also 6'1 and one of my riding buddies has an '01 GG250 with a tall seat and tall bars and would have to say it's a noticeable difference and for me makes the bike much more ridable. I've ridden a lot of GG two strokes of various sizes and years and IMO the ride is as good as other bikes several years newer mostly due to the Ohlins rear and SUPERIOR turning, just not any '09's. To bad there's not a newer GG300 in the mix, then you would really have a dilemma on your hands...