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    Show your PIG

    2000 XRR
  2. I have a 2000 650R with full FMF w/ power bomb header. I have done all of the uncorking mods and i'm now running an edelbrock pumper carb but i'm having a hard time getting it set just right. I need a good starting point to go from. I'm at 300' elevation. Right now it has a horrible lag off the bottom almost like the stock carb. Any help would be great and thanks in advance for the help.
  3. xrfixer1

    1990 Honda TRX300

    The ATV overall is bullet proof. The only problem with them was the brakes. I had a 97 and thought it needed brakes but the bearings were shot in the rear diff and thats why the brakes were locking up. Main points to check would be swingarm bearings at the frame, and axle bearings. If you shake the atv side to side you will be able to see if there is any play in these. Playing in the mud will get these everytime. As far as the wheel studs you can prob get used hubs off ebay for less than buying new studs and having them pressed in. With atv's not being able to be tagged in my state it's verry rare to buy one used with a title unless it's a one owner. You could always have your local PD check the VIN. If everything checks out and it's not in bad condition i would say it's worth it but thats just my $0.02
  4. Does anyone have a picture of a 650r with the FMF Corporate graphics?
  5. xrfixer1

    good bye 650l!

    I have a 00 XRR with the full FMF power bomb and powercore 4 and the edelbrock carb and there is no need for the "magic button". Always starts on first or second kick.
  6. xrfixer1

    XR650R Edelbrock carb setup HELP

    Scalejockey just wanted to thank you for your help. You were dead on with that one.
  7. xrfixer1

    XR650R Edelbrock carb setup HELP

    scalejockey Where is this adjustment located?
  8. I'm in South Carolina around 300' above sea level. I have the edelbrock pumper carb on my BRP and I have it close to being dialed in but it's not where I want it. The bike is great off the bottom but around mid throttle there is a bog and then it will clear up. If I’m just cruising it's not that bad but if I’m taking off shifting through gears is when I see it the most. This is also I street legal BRP so it's really noticeable on the road. The bike setup is as follows. Stock engine, air box mod the cover isn't drilled, HRC carb boot, Stock exhaust tip drilled. The carb has the 19e needle and is at almost full rich. I started at 18 clicks like the manual says and worked my way to where I am now. One other note is that i have an FMF power bomb header and Power Core 4 on the way to me now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.