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  1. frank2.o

    Fuel in the oil?

    I dont have too much experience with this particular bike since I just picked mine up but I have had issues with gas in the oil in other machines. If you leave the gas on all the time and the float valve isnt seating properly the carb will overflow and gas could leak into the cylinder and work its way down. But if this carb has an overflow I'm not sure how that would happen unless its clogged.
  2. frank2.o

    Bent brake pedal? Can I bend it back?

    The pedal looks stock. The "pad" part of the pedal is kind of an odd triangle shaped and looks like it's bent ...unless thats how it normally looks. I'd post a pic but I'm at work now. I'll post up a pic when I get home.
  3. Bought a used 02 crf450. With the help of the information on this forum I checked the valves, cleaned the carb, fushed fluids, etc...and I'm ready to go riding. I haven't ridden a dirt bike in years but I have a street bike and ATV. I took the bike down the block to make sure everything was in order and notice that the brake pedal is not easily accessible. I can push it down but the pedal only sticks out past the clutch cover by like 1". It looks like the lever kind of bends under the clutch cover but the pad at the end of it just out just enough to reach it if I turn my foot in. I'm guessing this isnt normal and the pedal is bent. I was going to take it off and try to hammer it back but I'm not sure what it's made of and I'm afraid it will crack. Tried doing the same thing on my CBR a few years back and the pedal just snapped. has anyone ever bent the pedal? Will it bend back easily? Thanks!
  4. frank2.o

    First valve inspection- Have some questions

    Sorry...one more question. Both on the intake and exhaust side, one valve was within spec- actually, closer to the tighter end of the range (.006" intake & .010" exhaust). Can I leave these and just adjust the other ones or should I try to get them all to match exactly?
  5. So i just did a valve inspection on an 02 450r that I bought last week. I was hopin they would be within range but they arent so I need to go to the dealership tomorrow to pick up some shims. I had a couple of questions though. I matched the marks on the camshaft as well as the ones on the right side engine cover and noticed that the cam lobes were pointed forward. I thought I had read that they needed to be pointing to the rear of the bike so I kept cranking it over until until the were pointing backwards and the marks still lined up. Could I have checked the clearance with the cam lobes pointed forwards as well? Also, the right side intake valve clearance was significantly different than the left side. Is it normal for the 2 sides to wear differently? Last question..when I was putting the valve cover back on I noticed that the part of the valve cover closest to the front of the bike did not sit flush against the motor until I tightened the bolts. It seemed like the o-ring over the spark plug hole was not permiting the cover to sit correctly. Is that normal or did I screw something up? Thanks!
  6. frank2.o

    Stupid question...

    Thanks! I've been hearing anything from 50-70 hours on the piston. 100 sounds better to me!
  7. frank2.o

    Stupid question...

    If you saw my previous post I just picked up an 02 CRF450r and am now realizing how maintenance heavy this machine is. I did some digging on this site and also looked up some parts and at least the maintenance seems pretty easy and the parts are not too expensive. BUT... I bought this bike for trail riding, not racing. I wanted something very reliable that I dont need to worry about. So I'm going to replace the piston, rings, cam chain, and tensioner but I was wondering if I could actually get a LOWER compression piston in hopes that I won't need to replace it as often...assuming that would be the case. I doubt this even exists but if it does, I figured this is the place to ask. Also, about how long does it take you guys to rebuild the top end? I've done 2 strokes before and this one seems pretty straight forward. Just not used to having to deal with the cam chain and valvetrain. thanks!
  8. I appreciate all the replies and feedback. Ive done plenty of top end rebuilds on 2 strokes so I doubt this will be much harder. I just picked up a service manual. Would a compression test tell me how much life I have left on the current piston? I know the last owner didnt change it but he also said that he barely rode it. The bike looks like it's barely used. I just dont want to do the work/spend the money if the current piston has plenty of life left. How do I tell?
  9. Now I'm all worried... I didnt realize this bike would be so maintenace heavy. I have no idea how many hours the bike has on it since the last top end rebuild if one was ever even done...and I have no way of knowing. I would imagine that the rings would wear down and the bike would start blowing smoke before any serious damage would occur?? I'm leaning towards just riding it as-is for the rest of the season and over the winter I'll rebuild the top end, change the cam chain and cam chain tensioner just to be safe. The bike hasnt been used in a while so I'm going to drain out the gas this week and clean out the carb. It seems to start up pretty fine but the idle is a little rough and it's bacfiring quite a bit when I rev it.
  10. Thanks for the tips. I'll do some searching.
  11. So I'm reading the owners manual and it says you need to install new pistons/rings every 15 hours...really?? Do I really need to do it that often. Guess I didnt realize what I was getting myself into when I bought this thing.
  12. Hi, I just bought a 2002 crf450r. I've been reading up on this forum and theres lots of great info. The guy that I bought the bike from hadn't used it in years so the gas is old. I probably need to clean out the carbs. I also want to change oil as well as all of the other fluids, check valves, clean air filter, etc. Would anyone know where I could get a pdf service manual for this bike? Also, are there any bike specific issues that I should look out for? I'm also looking for some local tracks/riding areas (although most of my riding will be trail riding at an upstate cabin my family has). Any websites that list local tracks/trails? Thanks in advance for all the help!