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  1. rekluse core exp 2.0 clutch set up.
  2. Broken torx from the back side of the clutch basket came out and wedged in the ratchet. After missing 5 motos over something stupid ill be back at it tomorrow! thanks for all your help and suggestions guys!
  3. The bolt i am referring to is still in place from the factory. I dont know of anywhere else that the bolt may have come from on that side after a good look this evening i may just have to split them.
  4. 92153 is the bolt i think our looking at that is still in place.
  5. Thats actually a large torx head bolt
  6. Would this cause the hard shifting that i had?
  7. So its definetly from inside the cases?
  8. Thank you!!
  9. pix sent
  10. 92153 is still in there the torx head that i found laying behind the basket was a much smaller torx head i can send a pic via email? i have ben searching through diagrams and thats the only torx on the clutch side....correct? theres a bunch on the other side of the case possible it made its way to the clutch side? i think it would be impossible for it to make its way without damaging anything else..hmmmm i appreciate you getting back to me
  11. yeah well i took the clutch side case off and looked all around i cant find any sight of where the broken torx head came from...im stumpedd looks like the cases are going to have to come apart :/
  12. I found the broken torx head bolt behind the clutch basket, i now have the bike shifting but the up and down shifts are extremly hard...any ideas befor i split the cases? would kawi help me any i brought it to the dealer? bike only has 20 hrs...?
  13. took it apart tonight found a small torx head snapped off trying to find out where its from...shifting fine now but i need to find out where the small torx came from...i can send pix via email to any techs out there...
  14. anyone?
  15. Bike has 20hrs on it any one have this problem in the past? Gunna tare it down tonight just figured id see if anyone had this issue in the past thanks in advance!