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  1. Only can guess here but, cam chain off a tooth or 180 out, cracked cylinder, scoring on either of the gasket seating faces, improperly torqued head, cylinder wall too worn and/or scored. What is your clearance from piston to cylinder wall? Rings in proper order? Do you have a manual?
  2. Just got back from Chadwick last night.... I'm in love with this bike. Just needs a minor gear set change and a little suspension fine tuning and I think it will be good to go!
  3. So I picked up a practically brand new '12 TC449 from an old man and right off the bat am having issues with the clutch dragging. I've seen a few people recommend using the Mobil1 0W40, is that a good idea? Also, there is a lot of chain slap... I've tightened the chain to the recommended point but I can still hear it slapping on the chain guard on top of the swingarm? Is it because it's new and the engine is so quiet that I am hearing it more than Im used to? Ive never owned a bike so close to new. Other than those two things, I am really starting to like the bike. Just working on trying to find a shock spring for my big body... I'm 270lbs :-) Racetech calculator says I need a 7.4 and they only go up to 6.4
  4. I just got home with the '12!! She's as good as he said... Still had some little nipples in the CENTER of the tire? Who spends that kind of money on a bike and just tosses it aside like that? Very excited to rip on it this weekend!!!
  5. Thanks for the input. I actually am about to work a deal with a '12 TC449 looks like it just came out of the crate and I'm getting it for $4,500. I feel like its a pretty good deal.
  6. Is there anything specific I should be concerned with other than the hours? Bike was taken to a mechanic and the Top End and Compression were in specs. He also said that his suspension guy owed him another set up and that he would have him do that for me. So, all that considered I am very interested. Ive heard it start/run sounds/starts great. It was 5 deg out yesterday and it started on second crank cold.
  7. Hello- I'm interested in a '11 TC 449. Seems well cared for by a vet mx racer. No hour meter but he thinks there are between 80-100 hours. Wants 3500 for it. What do y'all think? Thanks!
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