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  1. I have a 2009 wr250f and in a few months I plan on making it street legal. I was wondering if buying street wheels and tires would be worth getting. I would plan on switching them with my offroad ones about every week end. Could I do that fairly easy? If so, do you guys know of any good kits I could get that aren't to expensive.
  2. What about to shut off the ignition? Are there aftermarkets locks for that?
  3. Okay thanks
  4. I have a 2009 wr250f. Next year when I am 16 I want to street legalize my dirtbike for riding around town and too school and stuff. Does anyone know of a good locking system for when I park it in a parking lot or on the street?
  5. How often should I change my radiator fluid on my 2009 wr250f?
  6. Aluminum frame
  7. I cleaned the air filter, changed the oil filter, changed the oil, and set the tire pressure. Ready to ride!
  8. This Dutch guy I have talked to a few times hauls his dirtbike around on a little stand on the back of his tbd jetta. It is welded to the frame of the jetta and the bike is only held on by two big spikes that go through the pegs and into the stand. It's pretty cool.
  9. Who has the nicest old z50? Classic or modified.
  10. Them ktm is probably a better choice, but with free mods you can't go wrong with the wrf.
  11. The x will feel heavier than the r but the x is so nicely balanced, especially coming from a ttr, that the weight won't be a problem. The electric start is great to.
  12. 85 with free mods
  13. When I was in kinder garden I thought that gears were just letting more gas in