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    need help with a 2007 crf250x

    Ya i seen the T handle on a parts list,.i agree the flex would be the way to go,as of right now i have my homemade flex on it ,its short but works.Just went riding a few days ago and being my 1st ride on this bike,.WOW is all i can say.Just a badass bike all around,runs great and the power is constant.Completely changed my perspective on 4 strokes.Still has a small bog at the bottom of 1st but all this effects is jumping on it from a stop,give it a slight tap to lift rpm's and you can pound it.Can prob use a lil more carb adjust but i was more interested in riding lol. Cant wait to do some upgrades,Any recomendations for easiest most gain upgrades? Def gonna jet it.

    need help with a 2007 crf250x

    Ok so should i not cut the airbox unless i get a new main?And thanks for all the input,great forums^^

    need help with a 2007 crf250x

    Ok so i finnally said F it and took the carb off cause i couldnt see crap in there.And i cleaned all the jets ( i looked at the jet num's and never thought to write em down) im assuming they are all stock and stock needle ( only has 1 notch to clip).But anyways doing this i found the air screw (the flex setup was idle screw) It was dead center of front of carb going through the bowl into carb (i seen a vid and pics were it had a brass twist handle,mine did not it was actually recest into the carb and covered in dirt) Its a basic round peg with 1 flat side as say a stove would have to pop on and off the knob.I used a piece of hose like the carb drains and slid it over the peg which lets me adjust while the carb is on now.Anyways buike fires up and now runs w/o choke on but it got late and still needs tuned some more,has a slight bog when jumping on the throttle idling. As for mods ive seen a few in theese forums but i dont think this bike has any,.would cutting the top of the filter box open like ive seen benefit me or the pink wire trick?

    need help with a 2007 crf250x

    ok thanks,.i was reading the valve thread already,good info.God theese 4strokes are so compact and hard to work on. And for the screw i have a flex screw im guessing its mounted on clutchcase side and wraps to to kickstart side.Its weird cause when he brought the bike over that screw was so far out,i dunno on theese but ive always known an idle screw to be 2-3 turns out from closed correct?Also if this helps it bogs when i hit the throttle idling in choke,too me it feels like its not getting gas so maybe ill check the jets like mentioned?

    need help with a 2007 crf250x

    Me and my buddy got a 2007 crf250x,im pretty familiar with bikes and very with cars but ive always had 2strokes.Now im working on this bike and it fires up with the choke on and ill let it warm up and pop the choke off and it dies.Im trying to adjust the carb but i only see what looks like an idle screw but i see no airflow screw.Is there and air adjustment or any ideas why it would stall with choke off? Also wont fire up with E start relay just rattles so im guessing bad relay or bad battery?